Fortnite - A New Game by Epic


well this is kinda surprising!
And no check to see if you have a purchased PvE content associated to your account to hop the line.



Happened to me the other day also, this wait needs to happen AFTER you choose Free PvP or Paid PvE not before… :(


I agree. I got a 10 minute queue yesterday when I tried to log into the save the world mode :(


Does anyone even play the non-Battle Royale side of the game?


Yes, but I have to imagine the numbers are so dwarfed by the BR mode that it probably doesn’t matter much.


I actually picked up the PVE side of it recently. The whole thing is kind of a wonky mess but I’d be lying if I said I hated it. The scavenging and crafting feel out-of-place. The base building is pretty much pointless even up through where I currently am in the campaign (around level 20). The meta progression layer has so many things to both level up and evolve and retire (heroes, schematics, survivors, basic skill trees, research skill trees, collection books…) it’s borderline baffling. But the shooting is pretty crisp and the progression grind eventually hooked me.

Is anybody actually playing this or are the silent players who occasionally join my games bots?


They’re human players. No bots.


Haha yep. I was just kidding. The population seems to be mostly silent though. People join your game, farm their quests, come to the objective when it’s time, and then disperse without saying a word.


Started playing the BR mode recently. I find it much less stressful than PUBG, which makes it better for weekday night gaming. The building makes long-range encounters more interesting as well. I also really like how you can spectate people in solo after you’ve died (not sure if you can do this in the other modes). Also love the color coded weapon system.

That said, it is a tough sell for people who already play PUBG regularly. PUBG is a deeper game, but also has a much steeper learning curve. I guess you could make the LoL vs DOTA2 comparison between them, though they feel a bit more different.


I play a lot the PvE, is my thing. Level 73, going to enter the 4th map soon :D


Once I reached the third area (Canny Valley) I found content so thin I couldn’t bear continuing any more with PvE…

I do love Fortnite though, it is a delight, even though they really had no idea how to make it into a proper game. Thank goodness for Battle Royale?


I feel like Fortnite BR ends up deeper because of the building mechanics. PUBG has the realism angle i.e. guns are hard to shoot accurately and you will get punished for playing haphazardly because TTK is low. But Fortnite’s TTK isn’t exactly high, it still has bullet drop, and building + wider variety of viable weapons means you have a lot more factors in play.


No prone, no vehicles is the main difference. The vehicles thing is big though, both literally and metaphorically. The map has to be smaller.

Some people hate the cartoony style, but then I drink 3 red bulls to heal myself.


All I play is the save the world part.


Yeah, pubg (and it’s community) takes itself waaaaay to seriously sometimes. What I want more than anything in a multiplayer shooter are funny hats. On this front, pubg utterly fails.


I have not played the PvE game in months. I have no interest in the PvP game at all. The real problem is that the progression system in the PvE game is just insanely bad. I love the idea of the PvE game. Who doesn’t want to build a giant fort filled with traps and defended it against waves of zombies? The problem is all the crap that lies between you and accomplishing that objective.


So much this!!! Also the insanely small back pack sizes need to be bumped up.


If you login every day, and use the “science” points they give you each day, you can unlock nodes that give you more inventory slots. Currently I have 165-ish slots for the inventory.

I think the most important point to continue playing the PvE is having friends or playing with friendly people. Playing alone is too “random”, but with friendly mates you can do missions based on what everyone need, and the sail is smooth.

No related but cool.


I’m waiting for them to put in a 50v50 fort mode, where you get like 10 minutes to build a big fort with you team before the battle. Something like the Sourceforts mode for HL2, but on a bigger scale.


That’d be interesting!

From what I’ve seen, forts are really flimsy, attract lots of attention, you can still get sniped from them and depending on the way the eye of the storm moves, you might have to abandon it anyway. So they don’t offer much of a benefit,

I guess it lets you build bridges.