Forza Motorsport 7 - Collecting cars and crates


Don’t really see why you would want to either, I already have a few limited editions etc. Add on the Forza rewards scheme and money seems like no effort.


Who the crap thought it’d be cute to make you drive a Mercedes semi tractor through an entire race series? Fucking things are huge, slow, so dull over multiple races. WHY are these in Forza 7 when there are SO many other better race disciplines the might have included?


Forzathon events started.

This week we can get a 25% credits bonus Mustang, astronaut suit & another car. Took me about 2 hours. Autocross events are hidden in Rivals. The rivals area also has a bounty time trial on Laguna Seca for a car and two short races for Gears of War racer suits. I couldn’t beat the time, but there’s a participation award.


Check out the multiplayer hoppers, King of the Pool. You’ll love it. ;)

So they just changed how gambling crates work in this game.

I spent everything I earned in the first 50 levels on “best value” crates for 360,000 credits each. It was 6 chances for special cars, but most of what I got were profile badges/suits and difficult mods like 6 perfect passes in a race. Definitely weren’t worth buying.

Prices dropped significantly, and everything is split into their own crates.

Cars are 140,000 credits each, with all rarities included. 5% chance of legendary cars.
Mods are 4 for 15,000-30,000. Worth buying. They’re easy extra money if you do longer races.
Profile stuff is 25,000 for a suit & badge.

I really like these changes, will be throwing my credits at them for awhile.


Are you on PC? How is the multiplayer going on PC?

I mean, there doesn’t appear to be any deal on the game yet and I won’t be paying $60 for it, but I’ll be interested if the Windows Store ever embraces the idea of sales.


This is what I loved about the early Gran Turismo games, they had an amazing progression. Jumping right into some supercar just destroys this experience for me. It’s also great from a mechanics/game learning perspective. You start out with slower cars and gradually build your skill with the leveling the game gives you. GT2 was so so good at this, it was a great balance of progressing right when you were ready for that next step.

/shrug. I love starting in a honda prelude and having to claw my way up.


Thanks, I haven’t tried since the update. Will check it out this weekend!


I’m only on Xbox. There seem to be lots of people on multiplayer. The lobbies are restrictive and some of the features I was expecting (bots, leagues etc) aren’t ingame yet.

Game is on sale now in the Microsoft store. 35% off here in Canada for digital, 50% off for the X1-only disc.


Thanks! It’s on sale on the Windows store too.

Amusingly, it’s a 95gb download that’s currently coming at 10kb a second. Have to love the windows store.


Is that right at the very beginning of the download, or in the middle if it?


The beginning. I should reach the middle about Sunday.


Just FYI, there’s some on-disk / CPU processing that happens at the very beginning of a download much like the “prepping” phases at the beginning of a or Steam download. It’s just that there isn’t a separate UI shown during that phase.

Once you get past the first 50-100MB or so, it should speed up to be just as fast as a Steam download.

If that’s not the case, please PM me since I work on the store services which distribute content to Xbox and Windows.


It never got significantly above 10kb/s and the store itself actually killed the download in the end. “We’ll retry shortly.”

I remote connected to my PC at home and started a download there and that one seems to be doing much better - 28mb/s there.


The download sped up a bit, because nine hours later I’m probably only an hour away from being able to start the game.

I’m not sure why the download is 95GB - I presume I’m downloading an actual car?


Probably inculdes all of the 4K assets for the One X version too.


Yes - Forza 7 on PC launched at the same size that the Xbox One X version is with all the 4k assets


I had one more moment of calamity when the download stalled out at 93gb and then failed and wouldn’t restart with the spectacular error message of “there is an error.”

I nixed the download and clicked download and the thing wanted to start again from the beginning, which gave me palpitations.

Fortunately, signing out of the store, using the store reset .exe and then signing back in shook out whatever the problem was and the download completed. To be fair, it over completed, as it ended up downloading 98gigs out of 95.

Now it’s finally here it’s fun with my controller on my laptop. I had issues with the demo with my wheel on my desktop, but I trust someone on the net will have worked around those by now and I’ll be able to google up a solution.

It’s very purdy.


Forza is currently on sale for $39 for the standard version. I can’t really recommend anyone deal with the windows store, but the game itself is fun.


Sweet buttery Christmas the Windows Store is awful.

Problems started early with the deadly duo of very low download speeds and then The Store “forgetting” 93GB of files when it was 99% done installing Forza.

To fix that I had to sign out of Store, run WSReset.exe and then sign back in. This woke Store up and it then downloaded five of the last two GB, (the Store page showed 98 of 95GB downloaded).

Since then things have only become more confusing.

A few days ago launching the game would get to the Forza splash screen and then vanish back to desktop. A reboot fixed that, so whatever, but then immediately after posting the above sale notice it started happening again.

This time a reboot did not fix the issue and neither did the sign out-wsreset.exe combination. What did fix it was finding something free on the MS Store and downloading that. This apparently reminded Store I have an account and then Forza would start.

Then yesterday I hit the same splash-screen-and-vanish issue and none of the previous fixes worked.

This time the fix turned out to be finding the game in Settings - Apps, going into advanced settings and uninstalling the “Hoonigan” DLC, then reinstalling it via the Store. Apparently I could have picked any piece of DLC, but Hoonigan is the only one I have, so it had to go.

That worked.

At this rate I expect to be sacrificing virgin goats and pouring their blood over my motherboard by New Year.

It’s important to note that I did not conjure these “fixes” for Store’s issues out of the ether. All of them come from googling Store/Forza issues and finding forum threads of other Windows user describing their nonsensical findings, and then other users going “oh… that worked for me too… somehow.”

I’m still enjoying F7, but look at the icon now and think “can I really be bothered?”

I hope I can get Forza 8 on uPlay.


Big thanks to Gigglemoo for alerting me to Forza 7 being free since yesterday. I managed to download it and play a lot yesterday.

First impressions: I really like it! I love how they immediately get you into a car and slowly tell you the controls. I had no idea how to steer the car in 3rd person mode, so the game took pity on me and finally told me how to change the camera to inside the car. I was still having a tough time catching up to the other cars, so they took pity on me again and told me how to change the assists. Once that happened, I made up for lost time on the Dubai track, and came in first. Amazing how much easier the game is with the assists off.

Then instead of taking me to a menu, I got put into another race. And then another. In the third race they took pity on me again and told me how to turn up the difficulty. And then it gave me three choices: Forza Cup, Multiplayer or the main menu. This had been going so well so far, so for the first time in any game, I chose to keep going instead of heading to the main menu. And with each successive race, I just kept hitting continue. It was like flying without a net. Eventually I got too nervous, as I’ve never played a game for this long before at least seeing a main menu, and was starting to panic a little internally. So after the current tournament was over, I went looking for the menu.

Phew, there it was. The main menu actually had a lot of stuff to give away, including lots of loot boxes.

The game is in the process of phasing out loot boxes, so they contained only cosmetic items and mods.

I wonder how they’ll handle mods once the loot boxes are gone completely?

Anyway, going so long without a main menu wasn’t the only thing making me a little queasy. It was also the fact that I never played Forza 6. I don’t think I’ve ever skipped a game in a series completely before. It felt weird. Poor Forza 6.