Foul Magazine

Anyone seen this magazine? They have a website at It is subtitled “Videogame Subculture” on issue #10 (sporting Ron Jeremy dressed as Mario on the cover), though the website shows that has changed to “Videogame Lifestyle Magazine” with issue #11.

It is sort of a Promised Lot sort of Videogame Lifestyle, though. The tone of the magazine makes me think of PCXL’s scumbag cousin or something. For instance, based on their “Hot Chick Centerfold,” their idea of “hot chick” seems to include tattooed strippers.

The Ron Jeremy interview is terrible (including gems of insight like this: “RJ: I’m doing a photoshoot for you guys also in a little while. Foul: Yeah, they should probably be there pretty soon. RJ: Yeah, 4 o’clock.”), but the pics of RJ dressed are Mario are priceless.

It’s not even an interesting read from the porn angle. Plus he has no interest or ideas about the videogme industry. Of course, I only skimmed the first half. Maybe it got better.

Supertanker, I would like you to put into my Pay-pal account the five minutes of my life you just extracted from me. :wink:

awful. The only piece of e3 paper that I couldnt make myself read. (they were pretty generous, I think I had 4-5 different issues, all pap)