Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


After many losses in the Ohio and Illinois territories, the public clamors for action against the Northwest Indians. Victory would allow new territory to be integrated into the union.

This is an issue for the General. 4 Difficulty. Resolved: +2 popularity, Failed/Ignored: Add to next deck, -2 popularity.

Pinckney is currently the General. The president can appoint a higher ability candidate of his own party, so long as they have the military trait.


“Where are my Generals?” laments George Washington. “Whereath art they be at??”

J. Adams has Ability 4 but is Vice-President
A. Hamilton has Ability 3
W.H. Harrison has Ability 1
T. Pinckney has Ability 1
C.C. “Rider” Pinckney has Ability 1

Appoint Alexander Hamilton as General
Delegate issue to him.



+1 popularity to Hamilton, who becomes General.


Hamilton saddles up, Gives a rousing speech, and spends the resulting Influence to Win the Battle of Fallen Timbers and look dashing while doing it.

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+2 Popularity to Hamilton and Washington

@Brooski, any actions, or on to the next issue?


Any thoughts amongst the Cabinet on Tariff II?


Also, I made an error in rules description in the previous post. The General can be replaced if he is not of the President’s party -OR- if lower ability, but you can pick someone not of the President’s party. Does this require a do-over on your part, @Brooski, or will you stick with Hamilton? The only eligible Liberal is Burr with 2 ability.


Ja would support it, if he was your Secretary of the Treasury.

Can we buy the LXVI Panzerkorps with the funds?


I don’t see any downside to psssing the tariff. Unless there’s cards that cause bad things if we have tariffs.


None that I am aware of.


Keep as is.


Yeah, from what I understand tariffs are a manner of diminishing returns and later tariffs actually reduce revenue (but give the conservative party leader IP).


He cannot be, he is the Veep.

Costs 2 RP and 1 EP, which we don’t have.


@Panzeh would John Marshall accept the position of Sec’y Treasury on this issue?


He would.


Appoint John Marshall Sec’y Treasury
Delegate issue to him



Spend 1 faction influence to send the Tariff II to Congress


+1 Popularity to Marshall as Secretary of the Treasury.


Voting order is: