Founding Fathers Forum Game: A republic, if you can keep it.


Washington spends 1 IP to give a speech


@Brooski, I’m assuming you are using Washington influence, rather than the more flexible faction influence. Correct me if I am wrong.

I’ll deal you a card, and you get one initiative action.


Washington gives a dud of a speech, impressing no one. It appears he was thrown off after forgetting his wooden teeth. (Rolled a 2).


@Brooski now has four cards, so he must play one or discard. After that, we go to the Issues for Washington’s second term.


James Monroe, a prominent Virginian with strong allies in Congress decides to put aside his long running disputes with his fellow Democratic-Republican and fellow James), James Madison. Together, they will be stronger than they are separately.

James Monroe joins @Brooski’s faction.


Washington’s second term begins, after a wild and closely contested election. The winds of popular support are at the backs of his opponents in the Democratic-Republicans, however.

@Brooski, will President Washington make any appointments or consider any taxes or tariffs before the first issue is revealed?


And the rich get richer! Did you just draw him @Brooski ? Just wondering if I would have had him if you passed.


I just drew him yeah.

My apologies to all, I will need to get home tonight to proceed further.


Can’t stand this guy that thinks heart surgery is more important than gaming.


Yeah tell him you’ve got a country to run! :)


Ok @CF_Kane go ahead and draw an issue card.


Washington’s second inaugural address was one that was full of mourning and sorrow. Just days before, a great American, who acted as an envoy on behalf of the Colonies to England and an ambassador to France, died, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Benjamin Franklin, known as Poor Richard for his almanac, for his pioneering work in electricity, and his many contributions to the American republic, died at 87 years old. His memorial includes some of his most famous quips, including “Yes, we must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately” and that America’s government is “a republic, if you can keep it.”

(First card drawn was Tax Revolt, which does not become an issue because no taxes have been passed–tariffs do not count. However, it has a skull icon, which means we roll for a death. On a 1-3, the lowest age numbered statesman dies, on a 4-5, the second lowest, and on a 6, the third lowest. I rolled a 1, so Franklin dies–outliving the real Franklin by three years. Tax Revolt goes into the Age B deck, and I draw a new issue.)


France sends a lovely letter to the United States, mourning the death of Benjamin Franklin and stressing their respect and admiration for his accomplishments. The letter also requests that America fulfill the treaty signed with France as part of their support for the Revolution. The Revolutionary government, at war with much of Europe, requests a large influx of cash to help carry the revolutionary spirit of Liberté, égalité, fraternité forward in Europe.

The issue on the table: France Demands Support. It is a difficulty 5 issue that is resolved by the State Department and Congress. It has no popularity effect.

If it is passed, the US honors the treaty. Public Support shifts two towards the Liberals, 1IP goes to the Conservative Party leader, and Reserves are reduced by 60.

If it fails or is ignored, Public Support shifts 2 towards the Conservative Party, and 3IPs go to the Liberal leader.

@Brooski to appoint a Secretary of State and assign the issue to him, or to ignore the issue.


I don’t think we can spare the money. Send them a nice fruit basket. If we help them the debt interest will be twice our annual revenue.




Name James Madison Sec’y of State
Madison does not have the ability to resolve the issue
Faction does not spend IP to resolve

Next card, please.




2 Popularity to Madison as SoS
3IP to Jefferson as Liberal Party Leader
2 Public Support to Conservative


Technically nepotism would mean they were related.


I’m assuming a la Gore Vidal that the faction members are all each other’s bastard children.