Four of Small World's races writ large

Title Four of Small World's races writ large
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When November 13, 2013

Days of Wonder is selling sculpted figures of four of the races from the Small World games. I can't imagine who would ever buy them, considering they're $100 each. There's no telling what they're made of. They're each a bit over 20cm tall..

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As if I needed another reminder of where spider silk comes from when I walk into a web ::SHUDDER::

I get this amish, puritan whatever feeling from this NSFW warning..whats with this?

But it's Tom vs Bruce! Worth the wait.

Speaking of Bruce, can we have more here please? Can you twist his arm or hide a reminder in the brain case he opens up? Every week should be Starship week!

Dag, I completely understand your frustration and you have every right to call me out on it. I apologize that things have taken so long and I wish we were better about updates. I can tell you that we have a couple of articles in the works, and one of them in particular, which we start playing in a matter of days, should get written pretty quickly. I've also been told that the T-shirts have arrived from the printers and I have every expectation they'll be sent out soon. As for the Founder's Wall, thanks for bringing that up. I had completely spaced on that. I'll look into it personally as soon as I'm done writing this. Unfortunately, is still a very, uh, "functional" site. I'd love to have done more with it, so I can't guarantee the Founder's Wall will be as nice as we had hoped. It certainly won't be as nice as folks who donated deserve...

I know it's no consolation at this point, but we do intend to deliver everything we promised. It's just that we won't be able to do it in the time frame we hoped. That probably sounds really weaselly of me, but it's the best I can tell you at this point. However, if you email me at [email protected] with the email you used to support the Kickstarter, I will gladly refund you the entirety of your donation.

Good one! Maybe even better than flocking!