FPGA Consoles: Analogue Super Nt and Mega Sg

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Not sure I should revive this, but it’s the best place to note the news that Analogue announced a Sega Genesis version today.

Mega Sg will play Sega Genesis and Master System games out of the box, with adapters available to support all the various Sega hardware that predated the Master System itself. It will also work with a Sega CD.

Their site got crushed from the announcement and I still can’t get back in. It’ll be $189 like the Super Nt. FPGA hardware similar to the Super Nt. Updates via SD card. Region free.

Notable that if you order your card is immediately charged, just like many enthusiast projects seem to do these days.


Retromancave built a sweet FPGA system using the MiSTer.

I picked up an MT-32 and SC-55 to connect to my MiSTer setup now that ao486 core support is humming along wonderfully.

I’m about this close to pulling a trigger on one of these. Wife will buy it for Christmas she just doesn’t know it yet.

It’s a fantastic device. I’m very glad I bought one. If you’re a fan of Sega, it is absolutely the most future proof and high quality way to play the original carts. The included game is a good time too.

I made a couple posts at RGB about comparison with original hardware not too long ago…

There’s two of them in a row there.