Fragdolls on G4

Asia is no dog.

Yes there are hot people in this industry, and despite the odd junction of the original Prince of Persia and RPGs, think the fragdolls are probably more of gamers then we our initial cynical skepticism calls for.

Corinne Yu I believe was fairly good looking, did physics and engine work for Ion Storm at some point (I think) - some racey stories about her from there, not sure if they are true or not.

Usually the receptionists are very good looking.

— Alan

doesn’t josie nutter’s ex-husband troll qt3? i hope he comes back and tells us how crazy she is again :D

Ok, you hooked me (who’s trolling who here, anyway?)

I ‘troll’ qt3? I admit, I don’t post that often- I’m what, just shy of 500 posts in just under three years. I’ve mentioned Josie in… 3? And I pointedly refused to go into any details of our breakup. That’s ‘trolling’ the board about how crazy she is? Damn. Yep- you can just refer to me as ‘Huffman’ from now on, ok ‘Stroker’.

Fortunately, that statement is patently untrue. I used to take little road trips to meet lpmud people back in college. There were lots of good looking young women playing lpmuds. In fact, if it weren’t for hot chicks who played lpmud in college, I might still be a virgin today.
[Exit left]

Honestly, I don’t have high standards at all, but all those Frag Doll girls are butter faces… Some pics they look average in, other pics they look just downright skanky. It’s good in a way to spread awareness that there are girls with nerd interests out there, but gaming just ain’t a girl’s business, and most of them dont like it. My girlfriend had to pass by my monitor for almost a year before she actually became interested in Unreal Tournament 2004, which she can still only stand to play in 10 minute sessions before she gets bored and wants to go out.

That is not all, herms.

Okay, perhaps the kind of girl that fits your definition of “REALLY HOT” does not play computer games in an appreciable percentage. I would need examples of your definition, because I’m getting that she looks and acts a lot like Paris Hilton. Whom, I grant you, more than likely does not play computer games. Whom, I have to throw at you at this point, utterly fails to meet most of my criteria for a “REALLY HOT” girl. A really hot girl, by my measure, is as pretty as any but especially is as pretty as any without needing makeup applied with a trowel, nor requires the stereotypical shitty attitude that I’m getting applies to your ideal. The kind of attitude that scoffs at computer games pre facto. A girl isn’t really hot to me if I have to have her shut up and forget she ever spoke word one in order to beat off to her. I’ll edit your initial claim to say that girls who think they are really hot don’t play games by and large. But, I’ve seen some fat hideous pigs who think they’re hot.

My girlfriend is hot. I would of course, as you say, call her really hot, but perhaps that’s just some kind of Hotness Stockholm’s Syndrome as you suggest. She fails to meet your implied criteria in many instances I assume, but she enjoys playing the Burnout and Civ line. That, coupled with the fact that she used to collect X-Men and enjoys MST3K and doesn’t look at my ginormous comic book collection like I’m insane and slowly dying of terminal dorkiness makes her really hot.

Anyway, we should just ask Midnight Son if his TASTY HAWT WIFE plays games. That would settle this.

[size=2]Edited because “attitude” doesn’t have a past tense.[/size]

And besides, skankiness is the new hawtness.

There was an epidose of the Screensaver in December with the Fragdolls, and “PR Frag” made the mistake of saying something like “We recrui…er, give gamers an opportunity…”

Then they ran around the maps in Ghost Recon 2 for 45 minutes.

Bill Dungrsoman, I agree with almost every line you typed if you can imagine such a thing. This surely means some type of matter/anti-matter explosion is probably coming very soon.

Either way, you are right about that one thing for certain, my brand of “hot” is certainly a very high caliber in some ways, but low caliber perhaps at the same time in many other ways. Paris Hilton is on my radar, but only in a very, what she is good for, type of way. Because what in the hell else would you do with her? Talk? Har-har. But above and beyond obvious high dollar whores like her, I’m talking more about the Fragdolls level of attractiveness. I suppose I shouldn’t say it is as such a generalization as I’m sure there are women of their physical caliber who play games seriously, my point here is, they seem to be few and far between.

So let me backpedal a bit and say that ultra attractive women, whom you probably do not want to fulfill any meaningful relationship with anyways because she is a broken human being and incapable of one, do not play “guy” video games. They may have stumbled across the Sims, Hearts, etc. at one time though. And then let me posit that even fragdoll level attractive women are definitely a rarity but perhaps do exist in a few and far between manner. Then lastly let me say that anything below that may very well exist and for long term probably is the best choice since you really don’t want to be walking a model or actress around most of the time anyways, its usually more trouble than it is worth.

Lastly, whoever used Asia Carrera as an example of a gamer, you should be beaten. Hard. She has become the unique qualifier for every nerd that wants to say “SEE! Pornstar hotties play tEh vIdeogAmes two!1!”. You are living on Jupiter. The end.

P.S. Those “hot pigs” that you described are an unfortunate reality that we dating men have to deal with… pity us.

Aw, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

I can dig that. I’m thinking that isn’t necessarily a given, though, and subject to change over time. It’s just an inevitable, given the increasing ease of use, ubiquity, and affordability of computer games of all types. As the demographic expands, so to speak.

Yeah. Carrera has proven to be the exception to virtually every rule of porn, that one is no different. I doubt she’s trying to live down the UT admission, though. I’d guess that if she’s okay with gigantic cocks up her ass, she’s okay with UT (I could be wrong).

There are certainly male equivalents, but…these broads, man. Never date them. Some sad, desperate, Y-chromosomal seed-spreading directive talks you into dating one of these girls, Aw you know, just for sex or whatever. Of course, this is the one, the one with Only Child Syndrome, full of fruity demands and hang-ups and bullshit. Sure, #2 tries harder, but #200 demands that you try harder (because nobody usually does), so she doesn’t feel like a Koontz Sperm Receptacle. The why is obvious but, you know, fuck dating a girl like that.

So much anger behind your latent homosexuality. Just come out, we’ll accept you.

It’s a good day when even a professional in the industry isn’t above calling you a homo in a comically superficial “Hot or Not” thread derailment. You really had it coming though, since you failed to meet the internet equivalent of “Not it!” by saying “I’d hit it!” as fast as possible in order to safguard your challenged internet sexuality.

Look, Hermy, you live in the fucking ghetto. We know what your chances of coming across females with supermodel looks are. We’re sorry you have to hold your dating material together with used duct tape, but things aren’t quite that skewed for the rest of us.

So… since we can all agree that anything less than a supermodel is just a fucking pig, and doesn’t count for the purposes of calculating how many attractive women play games, I was just wondering - how many gamer guys are stepping up to that bar? 'Cause most of us, so far as I know, are limboing under that bar without even bending back.

“Hi. I’m Ms. X. I’m incredibly attractive – magazines routinely pay me millions of dollars for photo spreads, clothed, no less – incredibly rich, and I just love Gary Grigsby’s War in the Pacific. I’m also incredibly turned on by myopic, usually overweight gamer geeks. Ohhh. Oh. I just get so HOT thinking about them. Let’s PBEM. NOW. Oh, and my dad owns a liquor store.”


Everyone on the net is banging supermodels, where have you been?

Yeah, this principle applies when you look at the surface, but most attraction either increases or comes to an abrupt halt when someone opens their mouth. Lots of physically attractive people in this world that become extremely ugly when they speak. The bottom line is that there are people that are physically attractive (how attractive is entirely up to the person making the call obviously) that do and do not play videogames. The Fragdolls on the whole are reasonably attractive and play games to one extent or another. My issue has never been that they are a marketing creation, it is that they weren’t up front about it at the start. Is this really an issue?

to get back on the origianl subject I saw the first half of this tonight. I did miss the prince of persia comment. The part I saw the girls seemed very knowledgable about the games. They did sound like they had actually played them.

You know, I was thinking-- I want to see a picture of that IGN guy that messed up the first/third person thing in that one review, I bet he’s hot.

You know, I was thinking-- I want to see a picture of that IGN guy that messed up the first/third person thing in that one review, I bet he’s hot.[/quote]

He does Calvin Klein underwear ads when he’s not reviewing games.