Free file sending services

We have to transfer a large data file to our CPA. Previously I’ve used yousendit with great success, but now there’s a problem - if you use it more than once, you’re required to activate your account, and the activation e-mail never comes. If I have to, I can burn yet another e-mail address, but I’d rather find another free service that’s not such a PITA. Any suggestions are welcome.

EDIT: Okay, I just discovered I can do this through Quickbooks, but I’m not 100% sure it’s going to meet my needs. So I’m trying it, but keep those suggestions coming. :)

You can create shared Dropbox folders (and if you set it up and your CPA has to create an account, YOU get the 250mb bonus). Put the file in the shared folder, let it sync to the sever, and it downloads straight to the shared folder on your CPA’s computer. Any changes you make to the file are synced too, of course. It comes with a free space limit of 2GB. There’s also a way to send someone a direct download link to a file in your Dropbox. I think it has to be in a shared or public folder. My boyfriend does it all the time to send me stuff but I’ve never figured it out/had a reason to use it.

It’s been a very reliable service for me and the shared function works great. Dunno if you’d wanna put what I assume is financial information on there, but it has to be more secured than yousendit.

There’s also a million different services like yousendit - Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire, etc., but IMO Dropbox is the easiest and most private option.