Freelancer faction question

How do I get a faction that hates me (i.e. all the way in the red) to improve its attitude? I can’t dock at their bases to bribe anyone. Do I just find out who their enemies are, and start killing lots of them, until the rating is neutral enough that I can dock at their base?

i know of two ways (besides bribes):

  1. go nuts and kill their enemies like there’s no tomorrow.
  2. group with someone who can dock at their base and get them to get some missions. you’ll get credit since you are in the group.

bribes for a particular faction aren’t just on their bases though. they crop up on bases with different allegiances too.

hope that helps.

There are people available in bars that will change your rating with a faction, for a price (usually $60-80k). They will also tell you which factions will dislike you if you increase your rating with their known enemy.


Yeah thanks. I am not playing MP so I assume option 2 is no good. Do the bigger planets have a greater variety of bribable groups in the bars? I don’t see much rhyme or reason behind which factions will be hanging out in which bars.

the hacker won’t necessarily be from the same faction as the one you are trying to fix. ie you can get a LPI hacker to fix your rep with Samura, or something.

i think if you look around in fansite forums, they mention such-and-such faction bribes and where they are located (particularly i thought it was random where they spawned though.

Yes but which bars? For instance I don’t think I’ve ever come across someone in a bar who will accept a bribe on behalf of the Corsairs. They always seem to represent this or that corporation.

Freeport 5, Omega 41, has a hacker that can get you good in with the Corsairs. I had killed enough Red Hessians to get from “full-red hatred” with the Corsairs to “light pink neutral”. The hacker at Freeport 5 charged me 97k credits and my standing with the Corsairs jumped up to +6/Green, “Friendly”.

Oh yeah, and good luck getting to Freeport 5 through the hojillian patrols of Red Hessians and asteroid fields and constant radiation. I packed a full load of Shield Batteries and Nanos on my Sabre leaving from Dresden, and was wiped on both by the time I passed from Dresden to Omega 11 to Omega 41.

Found this on the gamefaqs forum (I think Freeport is in the Sigma 13 system?):

From: M Dub | Posted: 3/18/2003 11:26:26 PM | Message Detail
I had to redock 14 times at Freeport 5 to get the Corsair Bribe.

So it looks like they may not always appear. You have to go in and out of the bar. I think I’d just go kill their enemies :)


There are Freeports in many many systems. Freeport 5 is in Omega 41 (unless I’ve totally forgotten and it’s in Omega 11 instead, but I’m 90% sure it’s in Omega 41).

Any Junkers base or freeport is usually good for getting in with unsavory elements. You don’t have to redock, just reload the game over and over, as the faction is randomized.

Talk about gamey.