Freeware Space Hulk

Anyone able to get that space hulk thingy to work? it won’t run at all for me, even after installing the vb runtime stuff

I just ran the SHSP file and opened the first map and it worked fine. I didn’t install the vb runtime stuff.

Neat game, thanks for the link!

I’m having a blast playing BBowl against myself, don’t know if I’m ready to get my ass beaten yet :)
Amazons! Woo!

You’re welcome!

I also just ignored that vb runtime stuff. My standard procedure for computer stuff I don’t understand is to try ignoring it — that works maybe 50% of the time. :D

I tried without the vb, and then with, and got the same error both times. tried running in win95 compat mode, no love there either.

Are we talking about Space Hulk or bbowl here?

QSpaceHulk is another Space Hulk conversion. This one supports Hotseat and PBEM. It’s supposed to do network play, but I haven’t been able to get it to work. The PBEM is a little buggy occasionally, but if you turn off cheat protection you can usually make it work.

Sulk is a hotseat and eventual Network conversion. I haven’t gotten around to trying this one much yet, but it does seem pretty good so far.

talking about space hulk. i downloaded sulk but couldn’t find an executable anywhere in the package. It came from source forge and I didn’t know if I had to compile it or anything, and I’m stupid about that stuff.

It is somewhat confusing to get Sulk working. That’s why I like QSpaceHulk better so far, even if it does have it’s own annoyances.

You need to install Python and Pygame to run Sulk. Once you get those installed, you should be able to double-click on to run the program.