"From Inside" looks VERY cool

Gareth Branwyn, guest-posting on Boing-Boing (my favorite blog), has a nice post about an animated film called “From Inside” currently making the festival rounds. http://www.frominsidemovie.com/ has clips. It looks VERY VERY bleak and very beautiful. It’s about a train moving through a deserted wasteland with just one passenger, a pregnant woman named Cee. I’ve been a sucker for the train-through-the-wasteland thing since King/Straub’s The Talisman and King’s Dark Tower series.

Has anyone seen this?

Oh, forgot to mention - the film was made by John Bergin, based on his graphic novel of the same name. Some of you who are more avid graphic novels readers than I am might be familiar with the source material.

i found the comic by total chance back in the mid 90s

totally awesome and i do want to see the movie, but from what i recall of the book…there isn’t really a lot there. Sarte’s No Exit on a train without the dialog