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That’s fantastic news. Taking on Blade Runner is a hell of a big task though.
My tip- get a few Max Payne quips in there for effect.

Nice one Gary, good luck.

Gary, I hope for the sake of the public you’re leaving the choggle pants out. ;)

Way to go Gary!

So is Angelina Jolie going to be in it?

Jumping on the bandwagon - congrats Whitta. And keep the links coming, don’t let the “man” beat ya down.

Adam is the PR guy for Sierra. Gary is the former EIC of PC Gamer and now a big time Hollywood screenwriter. :-) Oh, and the man who introduced us to choggy pants or something similarly disgusting.

Congrats, Gary! Good to know there’s hope for us former editor types! :)

(Hey, what comics have you written?)

I’m currently working on my first, a three-part adaptation of “Death, Jr.” which is coming out next year as a PSP launch title.

Does this mean Gary can get us into Hollywood parties with Charlize Theron now? If so, then I’m all for it!

Nice work Gary. Keep us posted on the progress.

I agree with you on both counts about character names. They’re hard to pick and I hate too many ordinary names. I like it when a character name actually offers some insight into the character, although sometimes that can be hard to pull off, too.

Does Delia betray Virgil? Is her name sort of a riff on Delilah? She’s not a hairdresser is she? :)

You mean the future “Mrs. Charlize Whitta”?

Actually Charlize would be really good for the female lead. And the company that’s making this film did make “Monster”, which she won an Oscar for. So anything’s possible… well, apart from the “Mrs. Charlize Whitta” part*

  • I’d insist she keep her maiden name for professional reasons.

First Hollywood … then Governor of California … then President!

“A in every pot!”

I need to make a note of this date… I have my first ever IMDB credit! :D

Who IS this guy? :)
No photo submitted. If you plan on becoming America’s new sex symbol, you have to do better in terms of self-marketing.

I remember my first IMDB listing. The excitement, the email to all my net-savvy friends. Those halcyon days of innocence before the Hollywood meatgrinder got ahold of me and turned me into the bitter and jaded hack that I am.

Still waiting for my second IMDB listing…

Tom Chick still has you beat, Whitta.

By the way, why doesn’t Tom Chick the dreamy have a picture on IMDB? For shame!
Someone submit one (with beret):

Yeah. And make it an animated GIF headshot.