Fun Wii Party Games?

So I’ve got a batch of people coming over next weekend and I’m guessing the Wii will finally get a bit of love. I have Carnival Games and Wii sports. What else out there is fun for a group of people. All adults here.


mario kart, mario brawl and wario party

williams pinball collection

I wouldn’t bother with Mario Brawl unless you’ve already unlocked all the characters. Otherwise, as Yahtzee said, it’ll be an exercise in frustration.

Boom Blox, Raving Rabbids 1&2, WarioWare (up to 12 players, only one Wiimote required), Big Brain Academy (depending on the crowd, up two 8 players, only two Wiimotes required) and Bomberman (WiiWare)


All you need are Booms, and Blox.

Seriously, the only thing more fun than knocking shit down is knocking shit down in a group. Just make sure you unlock some of the coop games beforehand.