The last two episodes have had some wonderful Fry stories in them. First with Fry and his father and now with Fry and Leela. Even better was the Orson Wells reference during the “We won a Tony Award!” bit.


Wait, what Orson Welles reference?


Well he just looked like Orson Wells dressed up like that. Though it could just be that they had done Fiddler on the Roof - that might make more sense.


He previously commented that they should save the company with a production of “Nibbler on the Roof”, so I’m pretty sure that’s the costume.


Pretty great for a standalone episode. The 8bit segment was weak I thought but the beginning and the end had me laughing.

“Have you tried to get her pregnant?”


I loved the stilted language in the Japanese anime segment, and the bad translation in the subtitles: “Multiple words of disapproval!”


“Omaha, Nebraska”


Okay, the anime segment had music from Voltron, Robotech and what other series? I know I’ve seen the one that their “powering up to go into space battle” 70’s music was from, but I just can’t place it! Help?


I loved the great animation in the “complex dance” scene.


I’m finally getting to the new episodes and movies via Netflix. So far I’ve watched the first three movies. Kind of interesting how they meld the movies together since if I understand correctly they were originally supposed to be broken up into seperate episodes.


Yes and no. The movies were released first on DVD unbroken, but they were also writing them with an eye towards airing them as split episodes on TV. If you know that, it is pretty obvious to see where the act breaks are. It’s also hard to tell to what extent it was intentional, and to what extent they were limited by mostly having written TV in the past.


Apparently Futarama is being re-cancelled. I didn’t even realize it was still airing. Any time I see an episode it’s a re-run.


Ah crap. The new episodes (post films/mini-series) have mostly been fantastic. There were a few clumsy “let’s be topical” ones, but I’ll really miss the show. Again.



Why this time?


I has a sad.


Bite my shiny metal cancellation.

Admittedly, I never know when the damn thing is on - I tend to let them accumulate on some service and watch them all in one orgy of guffaws.


Oh well, all good things must come to an end I guess. Instead we’ll have to put up with endless singing competitions, Honey Boo Boo/Kardashian-type crap and Wipeout shows. Ow My Balls! should be along presently.


Have you never seen America’s Funniest Videos? You’re a bit late.


Man, this bums me out, but mostly because I thought it was cancelled a few years back after a single season of return on Comedy Central. Granted I didn’t look into it too hard, and this was before I got a DVR, but just a few weeksin a row of it not being on when I was used to it being on and I assumed it was done. I never remembered to look into it, and now it seems I missed a few entire seasons. But I guess on the plus side I seem to have many episodes yet to catch up on!


Well, part of the problem has been Comedy Central’s inconsistent scheduling. It’s been hard to keep track of when new episodes were airing.

I wonder if they were given enough notice to give the show a proper once and for all finale.