I believe I saw the SOL from MST3K floating out there too.


So, in the background with the people returning from the whale, there was Dr. Who, the guy from 2001, and then some blonde guy with a beard. Who film/show/property is he from?

I’d say it was the guy who owns Virgin, that’s creating his own sub-orbital “space” flight business, but it doesn’t seem like they’d use him (at least in that way).


I was never a Futurama fan until this summer. Though, I have to say, I prefer the older Futurama episodes over the new episodes.


Everyone does. Doesn’t mean the new ones aren’t still great.


The Journey scarab is there, to complete the cover art trifecta.

Also at one point there’s one that looks like a Cloud Car from [I]The Empire Strikes Back[/I], but it’s painted blue.


The ship from Josie and the Pussycats was there, I’m pretty sure.


I loved the line from this latest episode (from memory, so the wording isn’t exact) to the effect of: “Eeew, there’s a bone in my ‘froot’!”


[I]Fry am the Egg Man[/I] was the best Futurama episode since its initial run. This latest run is finally back up to the original’s greatness.


That’s certainly one opinion. I thought it was one of the weaker episodes of this new (half?)season. Still, I’m quite happy with the show overall.


Fun episode. I like how they give Zoidberg a bit more screen time/backstory.


Zoidberg’s line of “What?” right at the beginning had me cracking up for like five minutes.


I think that’s probably the best episode they’ve done since the original cancellation on Fox. It’s taken them a long time to get their legs under them again, but the end of this season has really turned things around.


I loved how needlessly complicated the machine was.


The Murderator ™ was absolutely awesome. I agree that this is the best episode in a while.


I thought the Murderator episode was one of the worst since the start of the season. I didn’t find it very funny at all.


Yeah, I didn’t find it too funny either. Their trying to hard to be funny, which later on comes off as annoying.


It did try a little to hard, especially with the surgeries. I liked their backstory though. “It wasn’t supposed to do any of that!” kind of saved the Murderator sequence for me.

On (IIRC) the “That’s Lobstertainment” (or maybe How Hermes Requisitioned his groove back) commentary, the writers mention that the best way to get an episode made is to make it about a character that doesn’t get many episodes. In the episode last season about Hermes / Bender, they mention that recently they’ve been sitting down to figure out what combinations of characters haven’t really gotten an episode together, and trying to write for those. Its one of the benefits of having a relatively large ensemble cast.

It’s funny to me the extent you can see this philosophy being explicitly illustrated this season.


Here’s why I appreciate this episode so much: it broke new ground. The biggest problem Futurama has had since being revived for the DVD movies and Comedy central is how far up its own ass it’s been. Far too often they’ve relied on self reference and call backs for the humor. Yes, I get it. That was a funny joke the first time you made it in season 2… But it feels like they’ve finally started shaking that off and begun forging new, genuinely funny stuff.


This kind of attitude towards writing bugs the shit out of me though. It’s how you end up with “Oh great, another Joey episode.” It is really evident this season and it doesn’t work for the show. Write good stories first, worry about character involvement later (or at all).

I think one of the things that bugs me about the newer episodes is that they’ve given up on being a good take off of sci-fi. There are still sci-fi references but the show itself is no longer the subtle, clever spoof of sci-fi that it once was.


Yeah, I don’t watch Futurama for the character growth or telling people insights. This isn’t the early seasons of the Simpsons.