G4TechTV still on course towards SpikeTV VG Awards suckage

Anna Nicole Smith’s cosplay for G-Phoria.

God she looks awful in both pics! She is a terrible fit for Farah in particular.

MattKiel, if you are out there: What exactly are the demographics that your network and this show in general are after? I am not trying to be snitty. I am really curious. I imagine it is difficult to balance the younger and older gamers so that you can appeal to both. A lot of teenagers (not all, obviously) probably like the loud, MTV-style of most award shows. A lot of adults probably hate that same attitude. What to do?

Since when are Ivy and Princess Farah (who?) among the “Five Hottest Videogame Characters”? And since when does Ivy wear hockey pads? And since when does Ivy weild a little poodle? I seem to recall her having some sort of badass chainsword.

This is the sort of thing that makes me glad I don’t have cable.


Just cause the awards show sucks doesn’t mean everything does. X-Play is cool and I’m glad I can finally watch it thanks to the merger. Icons is also a good program on there as is Cinematech. Like any cable channel you take the good with the bad. I just ignore G-Phoria and watch what’s good.


I agree, Dave. I like G4techtv. I’m not sure about this particular show they are planning, but I enjoy Xplay and Icons and a few other shows.

Tom, if you haven’t played Prince of Persia yet, you should. It’s freakin incredible.

A pop entertainment nut like you doesn’t have cable? :)

Well, I can’t say I ignored G-Phoria now as I watched Morgan and Patrick’s one hour rundown of the awards tonight. I dont agree with KotOR as the game of the year and there were a lot of other odd award choices too.

Honestly though, other than Rossi Morrealeaeaeaeee or however you spell it and Victor Lucas… the XPlay hosts are so much better than the G4 on-air talent. Patrick is so smarmy in a John Tesh kind of way… he really rubs me the wrong way. Kevin Pereira is ok (and obvious DOES play games) but even he’s a little too “slick” for me. Now that I’ve had the chance to watch Adam and Morgan from X-Play (No TechTV here before the merger)… well… that’s kind of how you do a video game show and they were the highlight of the awards coverage for me from a host standpoint.

I dunno… I can’t bitch too much. I like having a video game TV network, no matter how good or bad it is.


G-Phoria is living proof that if you work hard enough at making maps, not washing your hair, and dressing like a fruit at every public appearence, you too can mug repeatedly on the nearest competitor to the Spike Awards. Either that, or Cliffy B. recently sustained serious spinal injuries.

Tom, if you haven’t played Prince of Persia yet, you should. It’s freakin incredible.

Oh, not only have I played Prince of Persia, Robert, I know the Prince of Persia. Yuri Lowenthal, who did the Prince’s voice, is a buddy of mine here in LA and a sometime Shoot Club attendee.


For what it’s worth, Kevin used to do Pointless Audio (formerly www.pointlessaudio.com, now www.lickmysweaty.com), which was a fun website dedicated to all sorts of fun video game/computer related audio/video.

Kevin and co. created the “Are 3d Games Real?” video, as well as “Xtreme High School (XHS)” and various other parodies (including one of EGM and Apple, which quickly prompted a c&d letter). Very hilarious stuff from very talented people.

Could it possibly be that G4TechTV requires a certain persona of their actors and actresses as hosts? Gasp, say it ain’t so.

No, no. That’s not how it happened.

Nice one, Whitta. :)


Man, I don’t even have an opinion.


I sat through the mid portion of G-phoria. I just couldn’t take it any more and walked off from the TV.

Jesus christ folks, I used to think that Scott Rubin was a guy who had a vision, somebody who could actually mainstream video games onto televised media. He seemed to do this pretty well back in the Pseudo days, and when that got flushed he kept it alive with internet radio until they got their “break” with the G4 deal.

Well, I’m pretty saddened with how G4 turned out. Total lack of content, far too much “trying too hard to fake being cool” in that sickly over-rich way. Like taking a skateboarder punk girl made of caramel, adding big boobs, rolling her in powdered sugar and caffiene and then force feeding her to a porn star.

So, the G4 merger with TechTV was something I saw as good and bad… good because it would perhaps take the good content and more serious tone of Techtv - stuff like Screen Savers and X-play (when x-play is good) - and fill in the gaps for content that G4 severely lacked. I was also hoping the unscrewed show would get canned because Sargent is the 666 Anti-Funny. No such luck, but whatever. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I put his humor in the same shitcan with Bob Saget. Anyway, no such luck - but I guess it fits with the G4 “feel” because… well, it’s all in the same can.

G-phoria, however, is by and far the utter worst that the channel has ever issued forth. Was it just me, or did most of the celebrity hosts seem by and large embarassed to be on stage there? Pretty thick sarcasm about “oh so happy to be here… can I get my check?” popped up again and again. Porn stars? Yeah. Check. This whole ordeal of an event really didn’t do anything to make video gaming seem above the maturity level of mid-puberty, blue-balled teenage boys. And the humor struck at the level of a class-clown of about the same level.

Basically, I don’t know who was more embarassed - your “celebrity hosts” or myself to be sitting there watching it.

Guys, I don’t expect Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw to sit and hold a panel discussing the merits of the latest video games - but I also don’t think that “Video game Howard Stern on too much caffiene” is what the world needs either.

I’ve talked to my fair share of developers. Cliffy is pretty mellow and personable once you get a couple of beers in him, and Robert Atkins is probably one of my all time “cool people” to hang out with, so I don’t understand why the tone of this show had to descend into “Wowie zowie, nyuk nyuk, OMG TITS!”. I kept waiting on one of the awards to turn out to be a “boing” snake in a can gag.

Rubin & Co, you’ve got the channel, you have the golden opportunity to do so much more than fall into the Mtv pit. Please do excel, because if you fuck this over then I don’t forsee the networks giving gaming another chance like this. Up to this point, all I’ve seen is a few bright spots of clarity obscured by the clouds of total inapropriate immaturity. You need to consider the spectrum of your market share and not just the saturday morning cartoon set - regardless of what EB says.

PS - Stop publicly humming on EB’s shaft. It’s obvious. I know you need to get paid, but jesus.

Dude, you should relax a bit. Think of it like when movies are made from gaming franchises. They ALWAYS used to suck, because they weren’t taken seriously and were marketed to kids. Time goes by, gaming matures some, the movie industry’s perception of gaming matures some, marketing gains intelligence born of experience, and eventually high quality movies from gaming franchises are produced.

“Golden opportunity”! Give me a break. That’s like saying Tomb Raider was the “golden opportunity” for gaming franchises in movies. Absolutely not true. That crap had little to do with the future… deeper reality created that. The same effect will happen here.

Once Scot started to get free stuff to give away and the production companies actually listened to his show and provided him with products his shown went down hill. It was somewhat ok when it was radio only. Then it just tanked. Questions with NHL hockey about ‘wow this has joystick support?’ being his most challenging and thought provoking of said questions really kind of hammered home just how much he felt like greasing the wheel.

Not to mention that when you won a prize it took him over a year to send it out, because he was busy playing with it (some steering wheel a guy I know won in the Pseudo days, or was it the ending of AGN, I can’t quite remember.

Scot never had vision. He had a lisp and a flat wallet, and he happened to be in the right place at the right time to snake his way into another opportunity.

Happily he was fired during the g4/techtv merger, so you probably shouldn’t blame the horrible awards show on him. The general mediocrity of g4 leading to the merger maybe, but not the awards show.

Well, wasn’t aware of his ejection. Doesn’t really color my perception of the channel any differently though. So, who’s head DOES belong on the plate for that travesty?

Scot didn’t start G4. He was just brought on board because of his experience with the AllGames Network (which, btw, he’s resurrected). I’m fairly certain he never got much of any control over what went on the air with the exception to G4tv.com, which was pretty much GameTime for a broader audience.

Actually Scot was in the executive hierarchy at G4 and had editorial input. It wouldn’t be disingenuous to say that he was at least in part responsible for the miasma of mediocrity.