Galactica 2005 (with SPOILERS)

I noticed the flipped the music to the better music that played on the UK episodes.

Also, I don’t need it, but whats the source for BSG torrents?

I miss the drum music intro sequences. Did they really spoil all that much? I really liked that music, and felt the brief scenes they showed did a good job in setting up the following episode.

No argument here - the intro seemd a little flat without the drum intro. But hey, it’s a minor complaint against a kick ass show.

“That bitch stole my ride”

Nuff said. Awesome show, great hope for another fantastic season.

I miss the drum music, too, though I like that they dropped the teasers, which gave away too much. Last season I closed my eyes and just listened to the great buildup music. Maybe bring back that section, but just throw in key moments from past episodes, like they do with the rest of the opening credits? Without that drum coda, the opening just kind of meanders and stops.

Great ep. Very tense. Starting to get more of an idea, too, that maybe the cylons aren’t just playing with them, that they’re actually maybe trying to destroy the Galactica (perhaps now that the kids are here or on the way, they can dispense with the rest of humanity, or at least the part with the battlestar and the vipers?).

They’ve almost got too many storylines on the go, though. I’d really like to see this Caprica thing wrapped up soon. Same with the marooned shuttle crew with Baltar. This ep was really, um, episodic, and none of the stories intersected at all.

The only false note, IMO, was the prayer. How do rank and file grunts on the Galactica know about the president and this prophecy stuff? I thought all of that was being treated as a major state secret, because it tied in with her being terminally ill? Yet Roslyn didn’t even seem surprised when the soldier called her a prophet and asked to pray with her. Seemed almost like he was praying to her, with the way he knelt and she remained standing.

I may be wrong, but I suspect the drum intro with spoiler scenes will be back in episode two. I believe that the intro was cut short for this episode in order to make room for the extra-long “Previously on Battlestar Galactica…” segment.

For some reason I seem to remember the first episode of the first season doing the same shortened title sequence to do a similar recap of the miniseries.

They’re the last 50,000 humans left in the universe as far as they know, so it doesn’t come off as surprising to me.

But I think that power and sex are also very complimentary themes.

Hmmm, the Stargate intro has been intentionally shortened to 10 seconds to allow the network to sell an additional 50 seconds of advertising; I wouldn’t be surprised if BSG was doing something similar, but I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

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At the BG panel during Comic Con Ron Moore said something to the effect of not everybody would be happy with the changes to the show’s opening this season. I took that to mean that the new opening is permanent.

I for one am glad its gone since it spoiled far too much for me.

I just discovered Ron Moore’s podcasts, and in the one for this episode he says the change is permanent.

That doesn’t bother me that much.

Thinking more, this episode strayed a little too close to Star Trek technobabble for my liking, redeemed only by the fact that the technobabble is consistent with the show’s backstory and the character conflicts over networking all the computers.

Me neither.

Moore mentioned that too in the commentary, actually. He’s an awoved opponent of technobabble, but said something to the effect that that sometimes you just have to get through it.

I’ve got to say that I find the idea of having to go back to a previous location to try and generate coordinates that they’ve already sent out a little ridiculous.

I’m guessing that it sets up the firewall breach that we’ve seen photographic evidence for, but it’s pretty nonsensical. The could have simply generated new coordinates relative to their current position, or gone back and jumped to where everyone else was with the coordinates they already had.

I dunno, FTL is made up, so I don’t begrudge them any rules they want to make up, as long as they stick to them. We’re talking extremely long distances after all.

In the Miniseries, Galactica and the fleet jumped to the Ragnar Anchorage independently, but that was a known position. At this point, they’re all so far past the Red Line and have no external reference points. Their computers might not be up to the task of generating an accurate course to cross the 3rd leg of a triangle.

I just assumed that we weren’t dealing with typical 3-space and their hyperspace/jump engine matrix records their coordinates in a series of quantum states (with the usual caveats with the uncertaintity principle), so with the quantum drift the only way they can find their unadjusted hyperspace vector was to reintegrate from the original hyperspace entry in plain old 3-space, basically an Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect but in reverse.

Hey Quaro, cool technobabble. :)

Just to be clear, I like the drums in the intro, but don’t like the spoilers. I know in the show when the drums start the shit is hitting the fan.

Also, did Boomer2 take the arrow when she stole Starbuck’s ride?

And perhaps which Cylon has the kid (Blondie or Boomer) is more important than a Cylon having a kid.

The only other thing I hope is that they don’t Borgify the Cylons next week. I hope they don’t start producing more Cylon warriors using the Galactica as raw materials, but having both physical boarders and computer boarders would seem a cool way to approach the topic.

I thought they were both pregnant. I get the impression that the Cylons wanted more than one child of half human parents.

And as far as I am concerned, all previews, even those in commercials can go away for ever. I hate them.

And I would say Rosalyn WAS suprised when the soldier referred to her as a prophet. I think there are rumors spreading, and that was an example. It’s probably meant to set up a split between the (faith-filled) followers of the President and the more rationally minded followers of Adama. You don’t keep prophecies from people of faith for long, especially in a situation like that.

Except the prophecy stuff has never been discussed in any sort of group setting, and Roslyn’s made a huge deal of getting her confidants to swear virtual oaths of secrecy. Don’t just her aide and that spiritual advisor or whatever she is know about the prophecy stuff? And Kara, although she hasn’t been given all the details. Also, maybe I missed something, but I didn’t see any surprise there. Thought it was a little odd that she didn’t get down on her knees to pray. That really made it seem, to me, like she was taking this a little too coolly.

Anyhow, it’s not a big deal, although it’d be nice to see some discussion of how these rumors might be spreading in a future episode. The incident with the soldier really came out of the blue. Cool plot development, though. I presume Adama’s going to have a real fight on his hand when he recovers. It’s really neat the way that the new BG has essentially split the Adama from the first series into two characters – a military leader and a spiritual one. Great idea to generate plots and conflicts, and to keep Adama from becoming this cheesy, godlike father figure, like he was in the original BG.

Excuse any Koontzian crap in this post…

I’ve been noticing that the show is fairly schizophrenic, for lack of a better word.

We have the human Cylons, 2 of which are in love with human characters. One of which seems to be a religious nut. The blonde doesn’t seem to be representative of the whole of Cylonhood (just from something she said to Baltar last season).

Boomer seems to be “secular” Cylon, also in love with a human, but not seeming to give a rats ass (or even know) anything about Cylon gods or prophecies or anything.

Then there’s the old school Cylons, who seem to be doing their damndest to destroy the humans despite the fact that the “human” Cylons want them to live to fulfill a prophecy, or alternately, to lead them to Earth so they can blow it up.

On another note, how stupid was it to dismantle your civilian government when you have 50k+ civilians to manage and not near enough personnel to police them?

The current Cylon thing does make me think there are factions. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether they’re trying to kill of the humans, or just keep them on the run.

It’s hard to believe that humans would ever have and advantage over machines in zero-g combat.