Game box art challenge?


There was a Rowan Battle of Britain game I was super psyched for that then didn’t turn out so well. I’ll say that.


Their Finest Hour? (not a guess, a response to Fortitudo)


I looked it up, turns out it wasn’t a battle of Britain game at all sorry, the one I was thinking about was Rowan’s Overlord.


I was about to reply. Rowan’s Battle of Britain was pretty good, bugs aside.

As for the box, I don’t know. That’s a P-51 alright, but other than that, no idea.


Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe it is! Over to you, @Profanicus.

This is actually a manual cover scan, I think, but the artwork seems identical to the box.


You know, I never actually owned or played it - but for some reason the name screamed out to me when I saw that first reveal. I think it was the art style on top of the likely WW2 timestamp.

Here’s a new one:


XCOM: Terror From the Deep




Here’s another:



Distant Worlds Universe?


No, not Distant Worlds: Universe. :)


Yeah I didn’t zoom in before typing it, now I notice my guess makes no sense XD


No-one really touching this eh? Surprising!


How about Starship Titanic?


Nope. How about now?


Looks underwater. I’ll guess Soma, even though, did Soma have a box? Do games have boxes anymore?


If they’re digital-only, then no. Otherwise they usually do. But it’s not Soma, which I don’t think had a physical release. :)




Yes indeed, you are correct!

Given how recent and well-regarded this is I thought someone may have guessed it pretty quick. :)