Game box art challenge?


Would anyone be interested in doing a game like the Game Frame Game, but with box art instead of screenshots?

Granted box art is an increasingly quaint concept, but there are still many thousands of games stretching back over the decades that had 'em…

results so far in format: poster | game | winner

Gordon Cameron | Ultima IV | Vinda-Lou
Howler | Mail Order Monsters | Vesper
Gordon Cameron | E.T.| JoshL
JoshL | Master of Orion | Rhamorin
rhamorim | Penny Dreadful | Terra Nova
Penny Dreadful | Arcanum | Gordon Cameron
Gordon Cameron | Rocket Ranger |Vesper
Vesper | Dark Castle | Gordon Cameron
Gordon Cameron | Culdcept | Left Empty
Left Empty | The Pawn | krazykrok
krazykrok | CHAOS | Left Empty
Left Empty | Steambot Chronicles | CraigM
CraigM | Metroid Fusion | Howler
Howler | Dark Messiah of Might & Magic / Below the Root | robc04
robc04 | Civilization | Ginger Yellow
Ginger Yellow | Ballistix | LeeAbe
LeeAbe | Conquered Kingdoms | Balasarius
Balasarius | Knights of Legend | Gordon Cameron
Gordon Cameron | Archon | CaseyRobinson
CaseyRobinson | Pitfall! | Left Empty
Left Empty | Cauldron | krazykrok

The Game box art challenge cheat list

I probably would. I still have many old game boxes here that I could take pictures of to use.


Might be fun, but would probably be very difficult. Well, for me. I do have a few boxes lying around. I have a lot of manuals and cd-insert art too, maybe those could be included.


Well, I already find the game frame game to be fucking impossible, so, it’s all the same to me! If you mean difficult to find box art, lots of it is already online, I should think.


I have very very few boxes left. I have a bunch of boardgames, if they count? :)

I’d still try and play though. If I had to take a turn I’d probably hit up mobygames


Sorry for mentionning this, but various countries had various box arts, which would make it much more tricky than an universal game screen, I think. I therefore suggest to create 2 threads: an American one, and a European one. Or maybe make it three, if you want to go for a Japanese one too!

Or just have people specify what country the box is from, yeah, I guess :/


I think the possibility of using some bizarre, not usually seen, box art is part of the charm in this. I would not specify region or version.


Doesn’t Moby Games or somewhere like that have box art images?

Edit: It does! Also, sorry Pod!


Oddly enough, sports watermark-free quality scans of (dare I say, most?) games.
But there is mobygames too, yes.


You guys are really confusing me. Doesn’t most box art have the name of the game blazoned across the box art cover?

For example:

If I were to post that image here, how long would that take to guess the game?

Or do you mean start with a small corner of that, like we do in the Game Frame game? So a small portion of that, and then a bigger portion, and then bigger, until the final image when the name is also included in it.

I guess in retrospect, I answered my own question. Sorry. Carry on! I like the idea.


We could redact name instead, but I guess it would be too easy a game (for people from that region) unless we used really generic art, and what would be the fun in that.


Or concept artwork?
That might be really tough though, but could be included as a hint.


Here are some examples!

(kidding - this was a gag over at Game Informer recently -


Yes, I mean like in the Game Frame Game, of course.


As an example, here’s a gimme…


Age of Mythology?


Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic?


Ultima IV?


I’m 95% sure you’re correct.


Vinda-lou gets it!

This painting by Denis Loubet is maybe my favorite box art of all time.

Carry on, if, uh, we’re carrying on.