Game box art challenge?




Okay, here’s an easy one to just keep things truckin’ until @PreachyPreach can post theirs up -




Hah, great pick! The only reason I’m not guessing is that I’d have a hard time providing a box for the next round. Still, a great pick. How I wish for a modern take on that game!


@Left_Empty not Windjammers.

@rhamorim seriously. My wife and I had a total blast with this game back in the day. It’s one of the top titles I wish would see a modern sequel.


Ah, that game! Ha ha, yeah…



Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball?


Not DOA Beach Volleyball!

Next pic -


The Movies?


Well done!



I’ll post the full box later, but for now you get to fill the gap while we wait for the game proper to resume!


Oh damn! Really? That blue color just made me think of the game. And I guess the silhouettes made a certain amount of sense thematically.

I’ll see what I can put up this evening!

EDIT: Oh, forgot this was an interim post. I won’t stomp on the proper winner’s moment, but if I can whip something up before they post, I will.



Bard’s Tale?


Magic Carpet?


Neither of those!







@Nightgaunt I already did that one recently: