Game box art challenge?


Honestly it was one of those times where as soon as I saw it “Full Throttle” immediately sprang to mind. Any other moment and I guarantee you I’d have drawn a blank. Didn’t even notice the box orientation. The outline on the bottom side of the fire probably helped as it reminded me of the hand. Also the game was fairly fresh in my mind what with GOG giving away the remastered one for free last month. I always kind of feel bad when I get them quickly, sorry about that. =/ Great game and pick!


Hmm, Zeus?


Nope, next clue…


Next clue:


Conquests of Camelot? I think that was the name. The Sierra one.


Yep! I enjoyed playing this as a history-nerd kid back in the day! Pretty standard Sierra adventure fare.

You’re up, @nijimeijer!


It was, but it had a morality system to some degree (which, I think, could place you in a no-win scenario). It also was surprisingly historical in its representation of religion at the time. While it was ostensibly about the Grail, it also had a fair amount of pagan representation. The music was killer, too. I never played the other Conquests game, the Robin Hood one.

Anyhow, here goes -


Patrician 2?



Next image -


No takers? Okay, third image -


Every single hints of those pictures tells that my tentative guesses are wrong. Great stuff though.


Broken Sword 2?


Grand Ages Rome


Nope, and nope.


Next frame; this one oughta give it away, even with the creepy masks I left in.




Correct! I’ll assume it was the mammoth; how many games are really about mammoths?


Nah, it was those lips!

Next box:




Strong guess, but no!