Game box art challenge?


Conquests of Camelot? I think that was the name. The Sierra one.


Yep! I enjoyed playing this as a history-nerd kid back in the day! Pretty standard Sierra adventure fare.

You’re up, @nijimeijer!


It was, but it had a morality system to some degree (which, I think, could place you in a no-win scenario). It also was surprisingly historical in its representation of religion at the time. While it was ostensibly about the Grail, it also had a fair amount of pagan representation. The music was killer, too. I never played the other Conquests game, the Robin Hood one.

Anyhow, here goes -


Patrician 2?



Next image -


No takers? Okay, third image -


Every single hints of those pictures tells that my tentative guesses are wrong. Great stuff though.


Broken Sword 2?


Grand Ages Rome


Nope, and nope.


Next frame; this one oughta give it away, even with the creepy masks I left in.




Correct! I’ll assume it was the mammoth; how many games are really about mammoths?


Nah, it was those lips!

Next box:




Strong guess, but no!





Not Outlaw!

I bet someone will get it with this one…


Might and Magic I ?