Game box art challenge?

600 meter prance.

You might be surprised.


Color me puzzled.

I’ll say that it is an American cover, and as an European, I don’t… I just… well you’ll see.

Intelligent Qube??

Oh no, that’s way too recent!

Paper Boy?

Very, very good guess. That’s not it.

Found it via Google (so not going to claim it) and, maaaaaan, that’s hideous. Noticed it made a “32 of the Worst Video Games Ever” list on Pinterest. Well earned.

I’ve seen this before, possibly on a something awful article from 2005 titled something like ‘Worst video game covers’. I just don’t know the name of the game :(

California dreams?

California Games cover was sexy!
Just to make things clear, the game is far from being horrible. To me it’s one of the best arcade porting job on 8bits computers of the time.

I didn’t even know that company published in America at that time. I had only ever heard of them in British gaming magazines.

Me neither! I only discovered this… thing recently and what the hell happened with their American distributor, I do not know.

Is it 720?

Nope. Hint: the cover might be slightly misleading.

Wonder Boy?

Nice thinking :O But no, not that one!

I reckon anyone that actually knows the name would get it by now. Start revealing bigger chunks!!