Game box art challenge?

Didn’t see this yet in this thread.

I’ll be out all day so this one is a bit more revealing.



Too quick, I didn’t even have time to post joke Dune guesses about your hand drawn black sandworm on the first frame :(

Out of the park baseball?

Hmm, I really thought the big red thing in the middle would make it obvious. It’s all I recall about this game. Here is another.

It makes me think of Tops and Tails, but it’s not that…


Really thought this was a more known game/box. Here is another.

Pretty sure that wasn’t the UK cover art.

Edit: It wasn’t. Seems the USA got different art from the rest of the world

Aaah, that might explain the lack of a winner so far.

I have never heard of, nor seen this game before !

Boxing Fash?

Gah, I was hoping someone else would take it, but I guess I’ll have to. Jumping Flash, the not entirely successful early experiment in 3D platforming. I won’t be able to do a new one until this evening.


New game!

Eye of the Beholder?

I know this eye and cover very well. Dang this is irritating.

It’s not, but it reminds me of the ten little Indians game