Game box art challenge?


OK, here’s a new one, @Left_Empty not allowed to guess ;)


Dinosaurs? Trespasser has been done already so Turok?




Not sure that’s a dinosaur… Impossible Creatures?


Not a dinosaur and nope.



Altered Beast?


Ding ding, we have a winner. Very impressive!


Haha. Somehow that eye looked very familiar. I’ll try to post something later today.


Yeah, I recognized it as well. It must be more distinctive than it seems at first. ;)


New game from my collection. May be somewhat obscure.




No idea, but totally love the irony of revealing the non descript BS quote!


How can you not pinpoint the game with that quote! ;-)


This got the coherence of what the Grimoire box art would have been like in my mind.


Not a bad approximation-- just wait to see the whole thing! However I’ve just discovered that this game had a different cover in Europe, quite different in fact, and possibly more popular.


Holy crap this is Lost Eden. I remember that tag line. I played most of the Cryo games. Few were actually that good, but they were all technically impressive for the time.


@nijimeijer, you’re on a roll!

Lost Eden was indeed an artistic triumph, both in visuals and music. In fact it is the earliest that I remember being blown away by textured 3D graphics in a game-- specifically that intro with the flying pterodactyl. It looks incredibly stiff and silly today, but it was impressive for the time.


Heh. I think it’s less about being on a roll and more about bouncing between a couple of you that seem to generally share a similar gaming history with me. One reserved for old fogies, I think.

I’ll get a new one up shortly. Maybe I’ll even try to pick one from this century so these young folks will have a shot.


You bet! That hideous collage isn’t at all what I recall the cover being. It was something Ico-like, almost.
Still thought the game was horrible looking back then though. Can’t help the 3D-hater in me!