Game box art challenge?

I’m away from home for a while, so I pass the next picture to the first person to post it.
And I agree Gordon, one of my top 3 favorite box arts ever!

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Great forum game idea by the way!

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I’ve got one! Should I provide hints or just gradually uncover? Let me know…

This game is going to be cool. Highly approve.

(I have no idea what the next image is)

Howler: I’d recommend gradually uncover a la the Frame Game.

I’m not familiar with the Frame Game. Do you uncover more based on how many folks have guessed or uncover more after a certain amount of time?

Time/ guesses. Basically every few hours (I usually plan for about 2 updates a day, 10-12 hours apart) put up a new screen with additional elements exposed. You can, and I have, put new screens up sooner if you feel your previous reveal was too conservative, based on guesses/ lack of.

No hard and fast rule, but basically give enough time for enough people to see and guess.

Space Marine?

The problem here is that some of you have been gaming since 1942 and thus have seen more box art than most people here.

The other problem is that I never really pay attention to game covers. That example I posted above, I’d never actually paid attention to that box in detail before. If I were to see parts of that image without the name of the game on there? I’d definitely not get the game. Like all that Ascii writing? And all those stains. The only thing recognizable on that box art image is the Half Life symbol, and no one here would include that part of the image. :)

So I’ll probably never get a correct guess, but I like this idea. Just like with the game frame thread, it will open my eyes toward details I’d likely never noticed before.

On the other hand, yeah, sometimes I’ve never heard of the game before. Then I will learn nothing.

I find that’s a problem in the screenshot frame game, too…

Crusader Kings?

Personally, I don’t like the gradual uncover. I’d much rather have whole images with obscured titles. It’s awfully hard for my brain to remember obscure details of art, but the whole image (even if it was all blurry and hard to make out) would trigger memories. Just the way my brain works, I guess.

Warcraft 3?

No correct guess yet. I’ll uncover something more significant.


Whatever ideas I had before are now well and truly gone.

What the fricking frick is THAT?

Mail order monsters?

Some weird version of Tetris?

Grand Monster Slam?