Game box art challenge?


OK, I have one. Will do the first clue in a few hours after work.

The unsolved one is Lop Ears.

Wow, Lop Ears is a really terrible unmemorable name for a rabbit game.

Edit: Looks like the graphics didn’t even emphasis the ears all that much either.


Edit 2:

Wow, so it’s not even a lop-eared rabbit on the cover or in the game.

Our long national nightmare is over!

Populous: The beginning



It’s not; here is the full cover as reminder:

Any more guesses? I’ll give half an hour and then post the next clue

Edit: It’s not Homeworld, just to be clear. Though it does also involve innovative use of 3D movement.

Star Ocean?

No, but it has both those things.

No more takers. OK, here’s a big clue:

Virtua Tennis?

Most definitely not.

This one should do it, I reckon.

You sure chose some crazy box art. I think. I just can’t picture how these different elements can possibly come together.

I’m thinking of a NES game, but I can’t remember it’s name. I wasn’t a big NESer back in the day so I could be totally off.

EDIT: Star Tropics?

Not a NES game. And not Star Tropics on any platform.

As a further hint, this is probably going to be one for the Brits. Not sure this got much if any exposure over the Pond, even though it was groundbreaking at the time.