Game of Thrones (HBO) for those who have read Game of Thrones, etc


Uh yeah, did I miss something somewhere? Benjen? I don’t remember much of what he did/was.

— Alan


Actually I forgot what happened to Arya in the most recent book. I’d say she’s sort of like Dany. She won’t die anytime soon simply because it would be too wasteful of her character and there’s not really an interesting way to continue her part of the story if she does.


The only other person that I can think of who we’ve definitely seen come back from the dead is Beric Dondarrion the Lightning Lord, and even he may have died for good after not-dying so many times.

The Hound may have died and come back, or just not have died in the first place.

The Mountain may have died and been frankensteined, or may have been frankensteined before dying, but he’s definitely frankensteined.

I guess there are some no-names or otherwise unremarkable people who came back to life during the course of Jon’s travels beyond the wall.

Ned - dead, beheaded
Cat - dead, zombie
Robb - dead, beheaded
Jon - not dead
Sansa - not dead, thought to be dead
Arya - not dead, thought to be dead
Bran - not dead, beyond the wall
Rickon - not dead, also beyond the wall, I think?

I’m pretty sure that’s all the Stark immediate family.
no one knows what happened to Benjen the ranger, although maybe he’s Coldhands?
Lyanna Stark was long dead before the series timeline starts.

Can’t even think of any other Starks.

Cat’s sister Lysa is dead (thrown off the Eyrie)
Cat’s brother… Edmure? is alive, escaped from the Tully castle when Jaime took it
Cat’s father is dead, old age
Cat’s mother died before the series timeline begins.

Basically I think Steel_Wind is off his rocker.

I may have read this series too many times, that was all from memory.


I think that was the 2nd one he was going for… bit of a reach and certainly not the same sort of ‘not dead’ as Catelyn’s… but that’s the prevailing opinion of Benjen.


No, Yes, but not before kicking ass, and No.


Yeah that does seem the most likely, if you accept that Coldhands is Benjen. It’s no slam-dunk but I still should apologize to Steel_Wind for calling you off your rocker. Sorry dude.


Rickon is with Asha and Shaggydog in hiding in the North, but not beyond the Wall. The only possible hint was that Maester Luwin mentioned possibly trying White Harbor or the Umbers when they found him dying. Of course, there’s absolutely no evidence they followed his advice.

White Harbor would be an interesting choice because it does appear to come into play in A Dance with Dragons, with all the events that are mentioned regarding it in Feast for Crows.


You forgot Cat’s uncle, the Blackfish, who is a badass and is on the run following the surrender of Riverrun.


Catelyn Stark is Stoneheart and Benjen Stark is Coldhands.

Both Starks, both brought back from the grave.

If by “Off His Rocker”, you mean “accurate”, then yes. (Apology accepted).

And yes, Benjen’s identity as Coldhands is strongly hinted at in Bran 1- the chapter from ADwD that has been read publicly by GRRM.


Now that is a fucking SPOILER.



Uh yeah you didn’t have to reveal that. Jeez.

— Alan


Psh, that’s nothing. Wait until you hear how Arya gets her sight back.


Don’t worry about it – by the time the next book comes out in 2020, you’ll have forgotten all about Coldhands’ identity. Unless the Jets’ disaster against the Patriots has triggered a burst of productivity from GRRM…


There is nothing to “reveal” that has not been the subject of rampant speculation for ten years. This is a spoiler thread.

To be clear: it has not been CONFIRMED by GRRM in Bran 1. But the strong opinion when ASoS was released is that Coldhands is Benjen.

We all know he was a member of the Night’s Watch. That’s why he calls Sam “brother” in ASoS.

Lighten up. It remains “speculation”. That said, very strong speculation about which there is a wide and general consensus. As Mr. Peach notes – it is the “prevailing opinion.”


Speculating about and revealing an upcoming plotline yet to be revealed are two very different things. It’s not a spoiler thread for upcoming books. If you want to do that go someplace else and ruin it for everyone there.

And you didn’t speculate. You stated it as fact.

And yes, Benjen’s identity as Coldhands was confirmed in one of Bran’s chapters from ADwD that has been read publicly by GRRM.

— Alan


I thought it was clearly stated that Coldhands was Benjen when he first showed up. I mean, I always assumed he was, and I haven’t read any future chapters from GRRM. I knew exactly what Steel Wind was talking about when he said 2 Starks, and was going to post about it when you guys were confused.


Yup, I think we can exonerate Steel_Wind from spoilering, as Scrax has demonstrated that the Benjen-Coldhands connection is susceptible to prescient deduction and so is not really a spoiler. Next!


So what happens when the TV show gets past the books in terms of where they are in the plot?

Maybe ghostwritten novelizations of the TV show. Hmm.


I think we should agree that book spoilers are fine but only when the book is published and the whole thing is available. Not everyone has read the various chapters from the new book that might be online somewhere.

Just my opinion of course.


Well, there are kind of multiple layers of spoiler here, too.

I’m not ruining anything here, but there is a major theory about a major character that is so extremely well-set up (after you’ve read about it) that it is practically a spoiler. That is, if someone lays out the theory and evidence, you will almost certainly believe the theory and have that “spoiled.”

Pretty much any internet discussions about the series are informed by this theory - it has its own acronym - so if you don’t want, erm, something big spoiled, I would suggest just avoiding internet discussions of the book, unfortunately. Because (since it’s just a very plausible theory) it can be discussed without it techncially being a “spoiler.”)

Or maybe it’s not meant to be a spoiler at all and it’s clear forshadowing. But at any rate I didn’t catch onto it until I read the ASoIaF wiki, so… read with caution. For my part I think this is a thread for “up to date people” (have read, not are reading.) Having seperate threads for non-readers, readers, and readers-who-keep-up-with-previews is getting a bit precious for books that have been out for several years and are currently in an agonizing semipermanent hiatus.

And if you didn’t know what I meant by the spoiler above, you don’t want to be reading anything about these books online no matter what the spoiler tags say.