Game of Thrones (HBO)


I’m pretty sure the undead run. Don’t they charge after the group, forcing them onto the ice? And in the season 1 prolog, they run after the trio. And they run after Bran, Hodor, and company.


And for that matter, it should doubly be game over now that the Night King has a dragon. We’ve seen how fast Dany can get around the world on one, we’ve seen the damage a single dragon could do to the Lannister army. Now imagine a dragon that could shrug off those ballista shots, with a similarly invulnerable “pilot” and no compunctions about collateral damage to the kingdom. The Night King and that one dragon should have burninated half of Westeros in the time it took me to write this paragraph.


There is also magic in the Wall that prevents the dead from passing through it. That’s why Coldhands couldn’t go in with Sam.

As an aside, Martin had to be trolling us with Samwel as a play on Samwise, right?


I meant they don’t run when simply moving from place to place, so Gendry would have covered the distance faster than the Night King’s army will.


Jon is half-dead at the moment. He can charge nothing.

Regarding the wight dragon and how unstoppable it is, I suspect the solution could be Bran Stark, pardon, Three-eyed raven. The Night King greatest weapon could turn out to be his greatest weakness. Just my theory.


Well, the Night king is Bran though, so…


Ok I’ve seen this crop up a few times, but what the hell is this coming from. I don’t follow the theory, R+L=J is pretty straightforward in comparison


Brandon the Builder is the Night King, and has the same lineage and Bran was named after him.

The night king looks like Bran.

The three eyed raven said Bran would fly. The Night King has a flying dragon.

It is all pretty tenuous. But the Night King REALLY looks like Bran now, and Bran can warg into people past, present and future (maybe?)

Maybe Bran knows he has to destroy most of Westeros to “break the wheel for good” and a good apocalypse is the only way to free the people of their self destructive ways?

I am going to make a big bold prediction that Bran is playing his part in destroying most of Westeros as the Ice, and either Jon or Dany will be the Fire. And one (or both) will emerge to rule over a new Westeros and found the continent in new traditions, thus breaking the wheel for eternity.

And Jon is going to kill Bran and or Bran will kill Jon, because Jon can’t do it, and Dany will rule as queen.

Again, all crazy theorizing, but at least book readers can now speculate freely with the show-watchers.


It was more about proving to the citizens I thought (through Cersei). Once the general populace knew the threat was real, nobody would stand for Cersei standing in the way of the safety Dany could provide


I don’t recall this connection. Is this a fan theory or something in the episodes that I missed?


He also said he’d never walk. At worst the Night King could be under some Bran compulsion, but I doubt the story will go that way. The Night King is the Night King…


Why? Because he has eyes and a nose and a mouth is roughly the samelocations?

There’s nothing about his facial features which are the same.


The Night King is definitely a Stark according to legends in the book series. One of the 1st commander’s of the Night’s Watch.


Well, one is centuries old and dead.

So… probably not going to pass as a twin brother.

But this is all theorizing, and Bran the builder might not be the night king, but according to a lot of hints likely the Night King is a stark ancestor of some kind, and the timelines match up supposedly. One of the first commanders of the watch, Bran the Builder built the wall… etc.
Who knows.

We barely have any more fun theories anymore, so this is what we got.


But still, I’m not seeing what made you say “he looks a lot like bran”.

All of his key facial features are different.

His fairly blank, disconnected facial expression is perhaps similar.


True, one is undead, the other isn’t def. not good for the skin.


I think the above conflates a lot of the book and the TV show. In the book, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for Bran (the Builder) to be the Night King, since Bran built the Wall and created the Night’s Watch, with the Night King being one of the earlier commanders. At best, the Night King would be one of Bran’s earlier descendants (assuming he’s a Stark, which I don’t recall).

In the TV show, the Night King is literally the first Walker, created by the Children to fight the First Men. The Night King being the first “Other” is a big departure from the book that makes it even more impossible for Bran the Builder to be the Night King. Bran can’t be the Night King, since he built the Wall to combat the Walkers/Others.

The theory seems extremely speculative to me, without much behind it other than “humanoids look a like”.


Yeah. Well, I liked the fan theory that reasoned that it’s actually Jaime that is Azor reborn…


I sure can’t tell where it’s going now. I assume Dany will name Jon her heir, before finding out about his lineage (which I guess may not come until next season now?).

I also assume Cersei or Euron will kill the other not-Drogon dragon so that the final battle vs Night King will be Drogon vs Wight Dragon, so the two can kill each other and leave the world again dragonless at the end.

As for Arya and Sansa, I’ve no idea. While watching the episode, my wife despaired at the cuts back to Winterfell. She said it was like watching an awesome medieval zombie movie and then accidentally changing the channel to one of the CW period emo dramas.


Honestly in this episode I thought the Night King looked slightly different, but not that he looked anything like Bran. Seemed to me he’s looking more like actor Peter Jacobson.