Game - That Which Sleeps

That video makes it look very close to release. I just wish the guy didn’t talk so fast, as I had a tough time following what he was doing.

It looks very deep. There had better be a good tutorial and manual.

Yeah, the screens and mouseovers give a lot of info, but it makes me tired listening to him talk, no way on earth I can internalize what he is saying.

It’s been a while, so this may be faulty memory, but wasn’t a key problem in development his having trouble working with other people? He sounds like a person who would be very difficult to collaborate with, although he may well end up putting out a good game on his own.

No not really, at least not from a development perspective. This has always been a one man development effort. The failing was his complete communication breakdown with both the community and business partner/s after struggling with the complexity of his design. He basically just went AWOL for long stretches at a time while redesigning various elements, which led to the business partner/s bailing and leaving him to his own devices, since it was obvious they were having no impact anyway.

Josh seems very fragile, mentally. We’ll have to see if the comments on his latest update encourage him enough to post something again next week or if he instead withdraws into a fetal position once more. He still hasn’t sent any info at all on what the plan is to us beta testers though so that’s not super encouraging. But, it does look good and I still have some hope.

Well, Josh has emerged from the fetal position he’s maintained for the past 4 months to post two new videos on the game’s attributes and mechanics. I have to say that the sheer amount of detail implied to be in the game based on these appears to be staggering. If this ever does come out it could quickly become a cult classic in either a good or a bad way. In any case, athough it’s been frustrating as hell, I’m still glad I backed it. The vids do make it look so damn awesome.

Part 1


Thanks for sharing. A real boom or bust game, could be amazing, could be entirely unworkable. But no doubt, this is a guy with interesting ideas.

It’s already on my “Most Anticipated Games Of 2020” list.