Gamers are already drawing battle lines over the Battlefield V trailer

Add women and the disabled and somehow that’s the line crossed.
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Doesn’t sound too bad besides the automated spotting. But consider how rarely it is used nowadays by the ignoramuses that are the current Playerbase it is a good idea. The procedurally generated coop mode sounds like something me and my buddies will enjoy. Looking forward to see more of it.

If DICE can just fucking rein in their natural tendency to kitchen-sink the shit out of everything, they could knock it out of the park.

It makes me crazy that DICE can’t see this obvious thing, simplicity, that made BF:BC2 so great. It didn’t try to do a dozen wildly disparate things in singleplayer and have a dozen crazy ass multiplayer modes on top of all that. It was simple, so the best parts were honed to a razor’s edge rather than being one of 24 random gameplay devices thrown in a game box.

My big concern is how the weapon upgrades will work. If it’s just normal kills and XP to grind up your weapon, then that’s great. If it’s the weird-ass assignments like “capture 500 tickets while on fire” or other bullshit like that then I’ll be really annoyed. Unfortunately, DICE seems pretty enamored of the latter approach.

Yea, that latter part annoys the shit out of me, but apparently is good for Videos and Streaming.

I am more offended by poor job the soldiers did of applying that blue eyeshadow than anything else.

I LOLed pretty hard at this one

Masterful concern troll. Women are culturally appropriating the brutal conscription men were forced into during the war.

A true legend.

That’s surreal. “Women” didn’t publish the game.

DICE did. DICE ain’t appropriatin’. DICE is Pimpin’. And calling it Empowerment. They could have Blue Alien blobs as soldiers (they almost do). This Cheetos-fudgsicle they are selling isn’t history. And that’s cool. What isn’t cool is to say that it’s all about empowerment and “doing justice” to those left out in getting a taste of some made-up historical appreciation gateway drug, when it’s about selling 6 more Cheetos-fudgsicles. That’s the part that makes me taste my own vomit a little.

And when World War 2 games were about World War 2.

I miss MoH. I was just thinking that yesterday.

And zombies, ghost knights, giant nutcracker robots, and cars driven by dogs.

You mean the WWII where Lyudmila Pavlichenko was credited with 300 kills? That WWII?

WWII was a total war. And if noted historical stickler franchise Battlefield - known for every moment being super historically accurate down to the very statistical composition of every engagement - wants to nod towards the genuine reality of women fighting in it, that is fine by me.

Yeah, American women had little part in active fighting, but European partisans and Soviet troops were a different matter. And even then, look up Virginia Hall and genuinely bitch about a disabled woman being front and centre.

Ok, I’m clueless as usual. Are there REALLY people getting riled up about female soldiers in this game, or is this just a handful of idiots with the media making a big deal of it for clickbait headlines? (kinda like the Dr Who supposed “backlash”)

Search _#NotMyBattlefield to see.

Personally I feel it’s more of a reaction to the overt zany wackiness of the trailer – previous trailers have been operatic, epic and thematically kinda military-serious. Compare BF4 and BF1 trailers.

I wish they had made it clear they were going for a Battlefield Bad Company 2 kinda vibe here, rather than trying to have it both ways and pleasing nobody.

So, I don’t know who you’re debating with here? Certainly not me, because I haven’t been bitching about Women in this title. I merely miss MoH. And think Battlefield is a mess overall and a letdown to the genre. But not because of women in the game.

I do think DICE is close to making a “Dogs on Venus” version of a WW2 game but that has zero to do with women in the game.

This whole thing really is starting to feel like other, righteous, criticisms of the game are all getting lumped into some phony war with GamerBros on Women being represented in the game. Kind of an EA version of what Sony did with a certain movie two years ago:

Any time any of the gaming sites post an update on this game, the comments are filled with just vile comments. j

I finally saw the trailer though and that certainly looks chaotic. I stopped playing BF years ago when they killed the AI bots in MP, but it still amazes me how far the genre has gone.