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It’s part of the new Social Justice Space Marine set.

Their Microaggression Void Shield gives the unit amazing bonuses to their defense roll.

Unfortunately they have the vegan trait, which requires them to talk constantly about how they are vegan, giving them minus to cover and stealth.

They also take extra damage from touch attacks from units with the ‘carnivore’ trait

I’m agnostic and I agree that I’d prefer a kind religious person rather than some internet ass. Religious doesn’t always equate to kind but it’s more likely than many of these other groups.

Not directly related to games journalism or GameStop and Game Informer but tangentially some insight into the fat cats who buy unprofitable news chains/media outlets:

Yeah, particularly insightful was a tweet or slack message I read about this, but they talked about these investment firms buying digital outlets strategy as

  1. Buy Popular News Blog/Site
  2. Introduce features to juice pageviews/ad revenue
  3. Drive away expensive senior talent, replace with cheaper junior talent or friends of the board
  4. Make as much money off of the site until the new features/ads drive away viewership
  5. Walk away with the money after the site has lost its audience.

They are strip mining news sites.

I feel like the WSJ is about 20 years behind on this.

Wow, that’s such a disturbingly accurate way to phrase it!

Yeah Wow and Everquest drop outs… it’s not even that unique though. People party and drink and drop out via that route too. Young people just make poor decisions sometimes.

Just read the first paragraph.

And that’s just Christianity!

It’s cute, pretty soon they will discover poopsocks and [email protected] While listening to MMMBop.

These guys aren’t 20 years late, but they’re adorably behind.

And if that website had a page on the death toll of communism, I might give them some credence. Guess that’s not a number that “rationalwiki” is interested in. Perhaps not “rational” enough.

Did you not even read the first paragraph.

According to that paragraph, Christianity’s death toll is about 82 to 106 million, while Communism’s is only 85-100 million. For the communism number it cites this book, but for the Christianity number in that paragraph it doesn’t cite any source. Is it supposed to be from that same 256 page book?

I read more than the first paragraph.

It should be noted that this is a death toll for Christianity, and not a death toll of atrocities committed by Christians; the latter would put the tally far higher amounting to between 82.069 to 106.734 million deaths.

Which, predictably, was a number that somehow beat Communism’s 100 million estimate.

Also, what the hell is the distinction they are purporting to make? “Atrocities” that end in death don’t get counted as part of the original death toll? It’s incoherent.

They’re saying that if you count deaths attributable to Christians as “deaths due to Christianity” the same way as the Black Book of Communism counts deaths attributable to communists (including German soldiers killed during the invasion of the USSR!) as “deaths due to Communism,” then you come up with the larger figure. Both are, of course, spurious (as is the 100,000,000 figure, which it’s well-known that the publisher of the BBoC, who was not, uh, an unbiased documenter or history, wanted to reach because it’s a nice, round figure).

I wish we had more videogames where we run a religion or a political movement.

Conquest, not trough armies, but politics, propaganda and underhanded tactics.

Why we don’t have a “Extend christianism” strategy game, or a “Teach communism” videogame? these would be awesome.

Jesus was somewhat a proto-communist. But the catholic church made sure that interpretation was off the limits because otherwise the church would have problems running on strongly right wing countries like USA
The catholic church had not problem to operate on even the most hardcore dictatorship because a non-alignement strategy
Anyway is believable that the church could have choosed a different strategy
The catholic church could have choosen to join forces with comunism, instead of separating itself from it
“Jesus want you to help your comrades”
“Share your food with your comrades”

Is kind of sad they never choosed this option. Probably they where already biased to choose the other option because of prior political decisions. Also dropping the non-alignement strategy is a pretty hardcore move that would hurt their strategy a lot before it gives a benefic back

Communism did embrace things like feminism and workers rights. But only until it was useful to them. We have to question how deep was this support because the ex-communist countries are neither atheist nor feminism heaven. Perhaps it was only lip-service to atheism One can argue that comunism was another religion so they did not had a need for another. So they where religious and their religion was comunism

Honesty, even about the distant past, is dangerous as hell for anyone with a public image nowadays.