Games that take place all in one house?

Maniac Mansion? I’ve never played it, but it’s mostly/all in the titular Mansion, no?

If we count castles, Symphony of the night.

Also, the first Addams Family game for the SNES (mansion)

Well technically … two.

More like technically one, narratively two?

Control, maybe? Technically, you never quite leave the Old House, even when you do. ;)

Fatal Frame 1 (PS2)

Then we have Castle Wolfenstein, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, and Wolfenstein 3d.

Tangle Tower
Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

Already mentioned
Gone Home
What Remains of Edith Finch

Shadowgate. An adventure game where you explore Castle Shadowgate. These are the rooms:

Milon’s Secret Castle. A platformer, and each level takes place in a different part of the castle.


Night Trap?
Kamaitachi no Yoru
Binding of Issac?

Toy Commander
Chibi Robo
Mr. Mosquito

Oh man, I forgot all about Mr. Mosquito.



Undying takes place in a mansion and the surrounding grounds.

Jet Set Willy

Batman Arkham Asylum. That Asylum is one big mad house.

Grounded? Does one backyard count?

One backyard with a pool and one roof?

The Game of Thrones Telltale game revolves around a single House Forrester. Other Houses do come and visit though, so maybe it doesn’t count.

One lawn