Games with source code

Which commercial games have had their source code released to the public?

For instance, Jagged Alliance 2 and Homeworld.

Freespace 2.

Quake / Quake 2 / Quake 3

Blood 2!

Duke Nukem 3D (Atomic) :

Shadow Warrior :

Rune :

Doom & Doom 2 of course. Warzone 2100’s source code was supposed to be released, I don’t know if it has been.

Mechcommander 1&2 too, i think. (Also, will someone for the the love of god make another game like that! :( )

Allegiance also did.



(well, the game/AI code, at any rate…)

Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein 3D, and at least parts (if not more) of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, all of which can be found easily by googling.

Also, as is well-known already in these parts, Star Control 2.

Soren, thanks for posting this; that dev-kit looks really cool. I’m very interested in giving it a spin. How extensive is it? That is, does it more-or-less make the engine available to you to do what you want, or given that it’s for the .dll files is more for mods within the fixed aspects of the game? I guess I have a lot of homework to do, I never got into modding when I first played the game, but I wouldn’t mind taking a look at it now.

There’s also Bungie’s Marathon 2:Durandal.


Along with editing some XML and replacing graphics, you could make different
types of turn-based games, from what I’ve seen on the modsites. Check Apolyton
or places like it for any fanmade modtools, too.