Gaming chairs, whatcha recommend?

$550 is a steep cost for something that isn’t almost instantly “better”. Return costs are probably brutal as well, sadly.

Oh yeah, $80+, and they’ll leap onto any tiny infraction up refuse the refund, ugh. Plus I’ve gotta be strong enough to lug the repacked the box down three flights of stairs, and probably conscript a friend with a truck to drive it to FedEx for me, cuz my car is still dead and the box won’t fit in my gf’s Civic. Not to mention I still can’t afford a proper ergonomic chair, anyway.

So, needless to say, I’m eager to find a way to make the damned chair work.

I still feel like I’m breaking it in but I like it. It’s stiffer on the posterior than the Lazboy I’d been using, but that’s fine. It’s also wonderfully adjustable, so I can slide the armrests down and out of the way when using my joystick and throttle. I just have to get used to its larger size, as I keep bumping into my wooden HOTAS support but yeah, so far it’s mostly like a hug.

I’m sure you’ve already tried every variation under the sun, but I find my elbows/forearms react better over long time-frames when the armrests are tilted ‘in’ rather that ‘out’ (ie., the front of the armrest is closer to your knees, and the back of the armrest is tilted away). I make no claim this is ergonomic in any way.

Yeah, that’s been one of the things that’s worked better to be honest. The chair is actually a little too big for me, and I’m not a small guy, so even when pushed horizontally closest to my abdomen, the arm rests are still pretty far away from my body. The angle-control to tilt them toward-stomach-away-from-back helps a little, but also, the shape and reality of my desk still keeps me pretty far away from it, none of my monitors are the right height, and the heavy angle of my side monitors means I spend a lot of time with my neck craned pretty far in one direction or the other :-/

Like, clearly a lot of not-ergonomic things are happening, few of which are directly the chair’s fault, but in the end, the shittier old chair was just slightly better-adapted to the particulars of my current desk situation. Mind, still not great, I’d pinch nerves and get numbness/tingling/full-limb-pains frequently with that chair, but more like “3-4x/week” vs the “every single day” I am experiencing now :-/

Try a pillow on each armrest. Worked for me.

Got these guys; they’re honestly pretty awesome, but still just not quite right. But SO fuzzy.


Here ya go, my first chair review ever.

Ahh it was free, good. I was going to shit on you for buying a gamingzzzz racing-style chair, but felt bad when I thought you had just spent $500. If you didn’t pay for it, good on ya.

Cute cats.

Glad to hear that I’m not totally crazy about armrest position! I don’t honestly know why it helps.

I would NEVER have thought to try it, did you want credit for it? I first off couldn’t recall who gave me the rec but then wasn’t sure if I should mention them by name.

Yeah I was quite happy with the La-Z-Boy I’d been using, but this is better, and free.

Hahah, no, credit is totally unnecessary. I wasn’t really sure if it was even my reply that you were referencing! Just glad it helped someone!

Nice review @BrianRubin !

I hope @ArmandoPenblade is able to get his chair arms adjusted properly, never heard of anyone having numbness in their arms from sitting.

I still don’t know what to get, decision-indecision paralysis!

Sweet thanks man.

I’ve dealt with sciatica and other nerve issues for years due to my weight and poor posture, so unfortunately, certain sitting positions really aggravate different parts of my body. The best days are the ones when I inflame several nerves at once and end up feeling shooting, burning pain up and down 3-4 limbs for hours afterward.

The best.

I had this chair. Do yourself a favor and put some lock tight stuff on the main bolts. Mine fell apart on me twice when the bolts that hold the back to the base of the chair slid all the way out.

Wait what’s lock tight? Also why do you no longer have the chair?