Gary Grigsby's War in the West announced

It will be even bigger than War in the East!!

Seems ambitious. Also, they are advertising for beta testers.

I know it was apparently announced at Historicon last month, but I guess this is their first press release deal. Anyway.

I don’t dare play it, but I eagerly await reading some good Brooski front page articles on it!

The announcement got me to look over at the bookshelf where my War in the East sits. When I set up a new machine a year or so ago, I didn’t put WitE on it, but maybe I should fire it up and try again…

Ha, that’s exactly my reaction! “Well, I’ll never play it, but I look forward to reading about Geryk playing it…”


Bruce has enough writing projects. Leave him alone!

I think they’ve actually been talking about this since the release of War in the East, although maybe that was just in the forums. I think they are also planning to eventually merge the games somehow.

Well, one can only hope that digital games eventually achieve what analog games delivered long ago!



A game with no AI, no end and that is functionally unplayable?

Um, actually, ya, i think digital games have nailed that…

Wow, is that Europa, one of the later editions judging by the maps? Did anyone actually play the whole enchilada?

I recently downloaded a copy of “War in the Pacific,” but it wasn’t playable on my newer (it’s a 1992 game) OS. Any idea how to make it work? I still have my old disk, but, ironically, no longer have disk drives, hence the dload.

Dosbox is your friend. If you need the manual, I have it mirrored.

Years ago - many years ago - before I started writing for PC mags, I did testing for Grigsby games. David Landrey, the awesome wargame designer for the old SSI (e.g. Battles of Napoleon) had a company that did contract testing for game companies/designers, and David and I had a connection so he asked me to do some testing work for him.

I must say it kinda ruined me on Grigsby games. He was a machine back then: he’d take the same code, make cosmetic tweaks, and BAM - new game. Which made them a challenge in testing, because you got all kinds of weird behavior. And frankly, Gary didn’t seem to care much, his push was “Ship it!”

That said, there aren’t many people doing what he does these days, so I’ll probably be compelled to give this one a shot.

Awesome, thanks. I’ve snagged the manual (“How to use the mouse,” ah, classics) and will nab DosBox when I get home.

I think it is! I had the North Africa and Eastern Front(s) games in that series. Never played them (I mean…good heavens) but boy was it fun to look at the maps.