Gary Gygax joins the mmrpg funhouse!

wow. Its even spelled with a ‘j’. How cool is Gygax now, huh? Acutally, the game does sound cool, read the about on the link, players can make there own laws! Virtaul politicians! cool! And LA was pretty sound as a pnp game (have some of the books never played it with anybody though). But somehow Gygax and mmrpg’s… do you think it will work? or is LA Online (haha LA online, you can see T Chick!) the next greatest thing?

your thoughts appreciated.


Love you all!


bah, did Gygax sell out?!?!? :(

meh… who cares.


PVP ganking. Verbal assault. Grief killings.

All jone, as majically, metaphorically, lemons are turned into lemonade! It was so simple all alonj!

Player misbehavior is a problem in any MMP game online. With the LA game, though, this “lemon” is turned into “lemonade,” a chance for the involved players to apply the Laws they have set for their Domain.

Whether he “sold out” or not, one might wish he had done so with a game with a snowball’s chance.

hehe, maybe it’ll be vapourware. To me its just another mmprj in an already crowded field. But maybe Jyjax has somethinj up his sleeve? you never know! its possible! could be the jreatest majical mmrpj to come out in a lonj time!