This news story from Stars and Stripes just cracks me up.

The Defense Department said Tuesday that it is accepting openly gay recruits, but is warning applicants they might not be allowed to stick around for long.

I know DADT is a huge controversy right now, but how exactly does this work? What in the recruiting office today is different than it was last week? Do the applications have a little check box labeled “Gay?” now? Or do men come swishing into the recruiter’s office in tights and high heels and sign up as some sort of political statement?

According to the reports I’ve read and watched, nothing has changed unless the recruit states he or she is gay. At that point, they’re saying “Okay, I just want to warn you that the status of DADT may change in the near future, which could jeopardize your status in the services.”

I saw the thread title and the poster name and thought we’d finally reached the endpoint of what years of penis threads have been, uh, thrusting towards.

If I remember correctly, Tim served in the navy when he was younger. The pieces begin to come together…

May you never go over his posting history.

In the Navy, where you can be a macho man!
In the Navy, where you can sleep at the YMCA!

hmm, I forget the words after that.

nlanza, someone else here said that the penises have “begun to come together” for them. But now my question for YOU is this: Why would anyone want to do such a thing?

I believe you’ll find he said the pieces are coming together.

Do you often find yourself seeing penises hidden in plain sight where only you can spot them? What does that mean?

I’m just dicking around with you man. I prick my ears to certian uncomfortability in your post. If I can be frank–and I hope I’m not sounding too cock-sure here–nothing could be more wiener from my mind.

Okay, I really have no idea why I just said wiener. I meant sausage!

“Join the Army, feel a man. Join the Navy, feel lots of men”


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