Gears of War for PC?

November 16, 2006 - In its holiday issue, soon to be on store shelves, PC Gamer may have inadvertently announced Gears of War for Windows. On page 28 of the Holiday 2006 issue, a display stand photographed on the Microsoft campus shows Gears of War among several upcoming PC games.

Microsoft could not confirm that Gears is in fact coming to PC and the company has no current plans for an announcement in the near future. The article in PC Gamer discusses the future of Windows Vista and Microsoft’s efforts to support the new OS with high-profile games.

Though Gears of War is not guaranteed to arrive on Windows, the sighting raises hope. There’s no doubt that Gears for Windows would be a hit. And if we’re smart enough to figure that out, so is Microsoft.

Well, hmm… I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that it was never planned for it, but then again, in this day and age, nothing is true.

So, hell, if it does, they should upgrade Gears to be part of the LIVE thing thats coming out for your PC and Cellphone. That’d be badass, fighting against PC players on my 360… One of the only reasons I MAY purchase Shadowrun, or whatever that games name was.

Never mind Gears Of War, I want a PC version of Bully.

On topic I’d say that is is entirely possible for a PC version of Gears Of War to show up if Microsoft is serious about their new found PC gaming support.

A PC version woudn’t be surprising as the Halos have made their way to the PC. The question is what is the delay going to be between releases, Halo2 still isn’t out for the PC.

Give me Gears of War, Dead Rising, Chromehounds and Halo 2 for the PC, and I’ll never need to buy a console again.

If this comes out on the PC, and it’s moddable, and someone makes a Gears of WAAAAAAAAAGH mod, then I am so buying it again.

if it’s vista only, it’d be cheaper to just buy a 360 (if you are skipping vista like I am trying to do).

Resistance is futile. You will buy vista and you will like it.

Vista is starting to feel like Microsoft’s way of moving people over to the 360 :)

You probably wouldn’t see it on the PC for a good two years (or more), since it’ll sell for a while for the 360.

As for the people who have no plans to get Vista, how many said that about XP? And if you were to build a machine in 2008, would you seriously consider installing a seven year old OS instead of the newer one?

Hrm … couple this with the Vista and Xbox 360 multiplayer gaming and I could seriously see this as a true statement.

If so that was a good catch by whomever saw it. Or the “strategic photo” whichever it may be.

Agreed. Most folks aren’t going to rush to be early adopters of Vista, or install it over a perfectly good working copy of XP. But most will upgrade when they eventually purchase or build a more powerful system or when gaming needs dictate an upgrade. It was the same way with XP when it came out.

I’m not buying anymore PCs. It’s an email/web/photoshop machine for me now.

I’m not sure what I need my pc to do that it cannnot do, my upgrades were always for games.

Good luck with it working forever.

I’m of the reverse opinion actually, things like this are exactly what have prevented me from buying a 360 so far. If Mass Effect is ever announced for Windows, and given Bioware’s history I wouldn’t be shocked if it were, I will happily stick to pc gaming.

I actually jumped all over XP because I was running Windows Me. But I laughed at the Mark Ashers of the world, who insisted that Windows 98SE was all they’d ever need and that XP was just a pretty new interface. (I think Mark specifically was making those exact kinds of arguments.)

This was particularly absurd to anyone that had actually used XP; we all knew how much better it was than 98SE or Me. Vista doesn’t represent that big of a leap, however, so I feel no compulsion to upgrade my own machine. But I’d never say I’ll never run Vista. It’s inevitable.

yeah, shame they arent modular… if only they were made of seperate, easily replaceable components…

What next? Games for Windows Live? In order to play against console players of the same game, you must be an (Xbox Live (gold of course) or GFWLive customer?)

evil thoughts I am having today…

Keep in mind that DX10 is Vista-only.

Well, you and I and most folks on this forum knew XP was a giant step forward over 98SE or ME, but Joe Sixpack could have cared less, and businesses stuck with 2000 Pro, so initial XP “upgrade” version sales were mild. But, inevitably, as new machines were sold with it installed and software (including games) that required it hit the market, XP sales, both upgrade and new, gained momentum. I actually remember seeing something about how the height of new XP sales was just after SP2 was released.

There is nothing in Vista that demands an immediate upgrade if you’re running XP-SP2 on a decent machine. But I totally agree that anyone saying they’re going to “skip” Vista is probably deluding themselves, unless they have a really large backlog of games to play while they wait.