GeForce Now

As all these articles are pointing out, this is a really weird move. In order to play these games on the service you have to purchase these games. Why doesn’t Activision Blizzard want this extra revenue? I suppose NVIDIA takes a cut and they don’t want to give them anything?

Based on how fast Activision/Blizzard is sinking in the zeitgeist, all I have to say is:


Gaming companies aren’t satisfied with sales anymore. Just hold out your wrist so they can hook-up and start sucking.

Yeah, presumably there was an agreement in place to allow NVidia to support those Blizzard games in the first place…and then to immediately yank them? It really is odd.

Maybe they are planning on going over to Stadia instead? Maybe Google’s offer is more attractive.

Maybe the folks making the list already figured this out, but supported games are store dependent. For example, they have Kingdom Come listed as a supported game, but only if you have the Steam version.

Also, I was able to play a couple of games with mods from Steam Workshop enabled.

That’s disappointing, and feels shortsighted.

I’ve been using GeForce Now exclusively for covered games for a couple of weeks. There are two uses I see: playing games my laptop can already run, and playing games my laptop can’t run. Service works fine for the former, but it’s not enough to subscribe. The latter comes down to a confidence issue. Do I want to buy a game I can only run on GeForce Now, without knowing if / for how long I’ll be able to play it?

Is the next geration going to be a wasteland of an upcoming surge of exclusive wars?

I thought nVidia said Activision’s thing was just a misunderstanding and that their games would be back on the service soon?

Haha. Yeah, that’s called PR.

I’m sure it’s the same “misunderstanding” Bethesda had. They thought they were getting paid for allowing their games on the service.

That can’t be it… right? I mean who is going to give their content on a streaming service for free? Even the musicians get better than that, and they’ve been bitching about putting their content on those services for years.

You can’t just play anything you want on GeForce Now, but need to own the games on e.g. Steam. The publisher already got their money from that.

But you have to own the game; the service is only for the hardware to run it. So Bethesda’s already been paid for their content.

Of course, Bethesda and Activision might expect to be compensated for the publicity boost Nvidia gains from having popular brands in their service. With Stadia on the way, maybe the publishers figure they should wait for a bidding war?

It’s unclear if blizzard and Bethesda have any right to revenue from their games bring played on remote servers, but I have * zero* doubt they’re ready to litigate and find out.

Nvidia is not going to push Blizzard or Bethesda on this, at least not publicly. GeForce Now is a speculative side business bringing it a rounding-error amount of money, and they want to be good friends with every major publisher.

Yeah and if I buy a MP3 track… that doesn’t mean I get access to Spotify or Pandora for free nor that the artist doesn’t get paid if I choose to listen to that same track through those services. They should be getting a small amount for having their content on there, very small, like those other streaming services provide their content creators.

You do with Google Play music. Once I own the music, I can upload it to my library and listen to it from anywhere.

When they are a leader, they can dictate but for now…


They’re not even Blue.

Amazon no longer allows you to upload your music for them to stream for you. They took that away.

Not that everyone likes those systems, but they do get paid.