GeForce Now

You know what this is great for? Offloading tier 2 games that otherwise you wouldn’t choose to waste HDD/SSD space on a permanent installation (also those that you don’t binge for >1hr)

Especially modern ones whose inflated space requirements are in no way justified by how they actually look.

OK, I just signed up as a founder. So um I have to install the game each time I want to play? Or am I doing something wrong? There’s a really terrible onboarding experience here…

Yes, from what I’ve heard that’s how it works.

It only takes a few seconds to install.

Spent some time with this on a Dell non-gaming laptop running a few of the games I’d normally run on the main rig (which was being pre-empted by Hulu by the GF) and overall it was not a bad experience! Certainly looks great, and ran well. Definitely succeeding at what Stadia wants to do. I don’t really expect that they have infrastructure anywhere near what Google has, but at the end of the day, they’re delivering a better product.

I am having trouble getting good Wifi speeds on my laptop. The router is 802.11n, and everything seems to work okay on my PC. What is the correct thread for discussing this?

Tried it out on a 5-year-old laptop w/TW:3K, FC:Primal, and W3. No wait to get on the free service and I was able to play all three games over the wireless without any trouble.

After launching GeForce Now it launches Steam to verify you own the game. You have to click install, but it doesn’t download anything to your system. Something is happening, though, because W3 took a lot longer to load than the other two.

Each game had the graphics set to Ultra, and I was able to modify resolution and other options. Load times also seemed improved compared to my old laptop. Best of all, my laptop’s temperature stays low while the game’s running.

My Steam saves worked just fine. Tried to get the app running with Game Pass for PC, but no luck there. Haven’t tried it with Epic yet, but I might give Kingdom Come a go later this week.

I can definitely see myself signing up for this next time I’m playing a compatible game.

Hopefully they add mod support (somehow…) at some point in the future.

Geforce Now(and Stadia) recommends an AC router and frankly really wants a ethernet connection for best performance.

Never happening, they’re certainly not going to give arbitrary write access.

Anything you can get through Steam Workshop is usable though (might take a relaunch or two to get it sorted out on the backend).

And speaking of arbitrary write access, apparently Paradox games (Vic2, CK2, EU4, HOI4) had a recently discovered exploit (now patched) that allowed arbitrary code execution from mods.

Would’ve been amusing to see someone dig into the internals of GFN using that

They might be using this

Yeah, that is good news at least.

As all these articles are pointing out, this is a really weird move. In order to play these games on the service you have to purchase these games. Why doesn’t Activision Blizzard want this extra revenue? I suppose NVIDIA takes a cut and they don’t want to give them anything?

Based on how fast Activision/Blizzard is sinking in the zeitgeist, all I have to say is:


Gaming companies aren’t satisfied with sales anymore. Just hold out your wrist so they can hook-up and start sucking.

Yeah, presumably there was an agreement in place to allow NVidia to support those Blizzard games in the first place…and then to immediately yank them? It really is odd.

Maybe they are planning on going over to Stadia instead? Maybe Google’s offer is more attractive.

Maybe the folks making the list already figured this out, but supported games are store dependent. For example, they have Kingdom Come listed as a supported game, but only if you have the Steam version.

Also, I was able to play a couple of games with mods from Steam Workshop enabled.