Gemini Man - Will Smith as Jason Bourne

This movie came and went last year, I think it was poorly reviewed so everyone ignored it. Anyway, I just watched the first 42 minutes, which is right to the end of the first long involved action sequence, and it’s fantastic so far!

They probably flub it later in the movie, which is why it’s poorly reviewed, but I can whole-heartedly recommend these first 42 minutes, they were excellent!

Black Looper?

That hadn’t occured to me. I figured some kind of cloning program.

You basically got the gist. First 40 minutes or so is pretty decent. Then it turns to shit. FX are pretty average as well, I thought.

Yeah, having watched the rest of it, it all feels like a bit of a letdown overall.

Still, it’s worth talking about the cinematography in particular, as the movie has a sort of unique look about it, and it’s worth talking about that big action scene at the half-way point of the movie.

But not now. I’m too sleepy.

This wasn’t as bad as I expected. It’s not good, mind you, but for a rental on a boring Friday night or something? Fine.

I watched this to the end recently, its free w/ Amazon Prime. Indeed it started off great then went to total shit in the last half.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead was great in this, I gotta go back and catch up on Fargo, I see she was in season 3 of that show.

I haven’t seen her in much, but from what I’ve seen Fargo was absolutely her best work.

The motorcycle chase is cool if you don’t mind a bunch of CG in your chase scenes. When he can be bothered, Ang Lee knows how to choreograph action!

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is good in a movie she did with her husband called Faults. She’s a cult member getting deprogrammed by Leland Orser. It’s on Prime:


Man, I wish I’d written more that day and hadn’t been sleepy. I wonder what I meant by unique look and the cinematorgraphy. I don’t remember the movie much at all anymore so no clue what I meant.

Thank you for the movie recommendation. :)