Gen V - Spinoff series of The Boys

So that episode was OK. Kind of an exposition forward thing, but just sort of table setting for future episodes. Can’t help but love that Soldier Boy cameo though.

Yeah, it was fun, but his exposition made no sense given the situation.

In fact, there are a bunch of things that don’t make sense about these sequences.

Maybe my favourite episode so far.

“I fart the Star Spangled Banner.” omg I was dying.

flick the bean!

Interesting thing here is that any rational human would agree with Shetty’s program here. Fuck yes get rid of all supes.

Yeah it really could set her up as a pretty sympathetic villain. The last line was probably the most exciting part of the episode for me. I hope they stick the landing with this.

Spoiler: shes working with Butcher!

Okay, I’m enjoying Gen V and all its supe capers. It’s just The Boys dialed back a decade or two in age. But I’m wondering if anyone else is feeling that there’s no ‘shock and awe’ in the show? In The Boys, its explicit and, let’s say, unusual visuals were like ‘wow, they sure are pushing the envelope’. In Gen V it’s ‘yeah, I saw this stuff in The Boys’. Instead of being edgy or surprising or doing something new for ‘tv’, it’s only more of the same.

Not a bad thing, I suppose. For me, they can’t rely on those moments and have to elevate the writing of story and characters to make up for it. It’s a crazy enough world they built that I’m sure it’s all going to be okay; I’ve not yet exited any of the episodes with a ‘that was so f’ing exciting’ feeling but I do want to see where it goes.

They exploded a dude’s penis. I’m pretty sure that’s a new one. They had a gory muppet fight. Sure there’s no whale or dolphin scene, but at a certain point there’s not much else you can do and still have the show be fun.

Oh, for sure. I suppose it’d have been nice for Gen V to not just be more of the same, but bring something different to the screen, and not just a different body part going boom or a different type of messed up brain. The Boys show they can do it, especially in season 1, they just have to find a different angle. That angle is what I would have liked to see in a season 1 of Gen V.

Again, enjoying it despite (or because) it’s more of the same. I probably expect too much of writers.

Pretty good episode this week. Although having Sam whisked off to be radicalized in the space of an afternoon felt pretty contrived. Also I’m not 100 percent convinced that Shetty is actually dead? That scene with Cate leading up to it was odd…

Claudia Doumit is amazing. It’s pretty impressive how they made you forget for 6 episodes what The Boys is actually about.

Yeah, same here. My son and I caught up last night and we commented that Shetty’s suicide could easily have been mind-manipulation and not what actually happened. Also, that works better for still having GodU still in operation next season.

Really glad this was renewed. I didn’t have high expectations for this but we’ve really enjoyed it.

I was kinda thinking Victoria’s powers were related :). She’s a badass.

Another great episode. That Yeah Yeah Yeahs song at the end, so good

I went on Youtube to find Yeah Yeah Yeahs, clicked something that caught my eyes, ended up going down a rabbit hole of weird red pill nonsense…and am now looking at videos of Karens. Love the internet.

Checks out.

I had so much fun playing Maps in Rock Band back in the day.

Oh, wow… Britt Lower. Now I wonder if Severance season 2 is back on track.