Gen V - Spinoff series of The Boys

There’s a new show on Prime Video, a spinoff series based on The Boys.

Currently airing weekly I believe. I’ll check it out soon.

First 3 episodes of Gen V are out. I’ve watched 2 so far and really quite like it. Definitely very mature and gross at times like the parent show.

My 16yo son and I watched the first episode last night and he said the entire franchise should be renamed to something something penises. Can’t say I disagree. Good grief, that scene.

The Boys Penises

Oh… wait…

4 episodes in and I’m really quite liking this. Gore level is off the charts, of course.

edit: Gen-V I am speaking of.

Talking about The Boys, or the show we don’t have a thread for? (Generation V, is it? )

When did the 4th episode release? I just finished up the 3rd last night and I’m definitely enjoying Gen V just as much as I did The Boys. It’s great fun.

I do think it’s interesting how they’re trying to explore topical issues: a bi-gender kid to explore trans issues, Emma’s purging thing. But Emma doesn’t actually have an eating disorder, and Jordan isn’t trans; they’re bi-gender. It’s interesting that mischaracterizing their issues is what the show is exploring. It seems like they’re meant to comment on real-world social politics (like Stormfront did) but there’s no real-world analog to those situations. (No one is bi-gender in that way. And I can’t imagine a situation where regular purging wouldn’t be symptomatic of an eating disorder.) I think I like that, and it’s an interesting narrative choice to create situations that make sense in the world of the show, but are only hazily applicable to ours.

Also the Governator’s kid is actually pretty good at this acting stuff. Another interesting choice to fairly quickly subvert the obvious prep-school/scholarship dynamic and show the prep-school kids as tight and empathetic and the scholarship kid as kind of fucked up.

Talking about Gen V - Episode 4 came out yesterday (new one every Thursday).

Episode 5 was great. This show is just so much better than it should be as a spinoff. Highlight was easily the muppet section.

Oh, without a doubt. My son and I were cracking up during that scene.

Is it Ep 4 or 5 where Marie and Jordan hook up?

Just finished that. What a weird ending.

That was the end of 4. 5 deals with what happens the next day.

So does Rapey McRaperson also have super healing powers? Because I feel like I’d take a few days off if that happened to me.

I was wondering the same thing, sure as hell wouldn’t be at a party dancing it up.

Maybe the school infirmary is badass? Or the healer there already had some practice after the whole baseball bat thing. Agree that there are some incongruities related to the kind of grossness-for-grossness’s sake vibe. I’m not like an anatomy expert either, but I think that what Emma did is probably impossible, certainly not in a straight-line path.

Found this strange as well. They even make a point to say he’ll have to sit down to pee forever or something. Like…that sounds pretty permanent.

What I found very strange about it was how nonchalant they were after doing that damage.

I just hand waved it away by reasoning that maybe a default part of being a supe is super healing.

Also, by my rough count we have now seen 2 penises, and no boobs?

Right, where’s the V the show’s title promised me?!!! (/jmj mode)

Beat me to it. Great news! I’m really enjoying this one, but am happy to hear that it’s apparently successful in ratings as well.