GenCon 2009

Any QT3ers going and want to formulate some sort of dinner/meet-up? I’ll be there Thursday AM through Sunday noon.

Looking forward to playing Dragon Age at the con and hopefully picking up a new board game or two.

FYI: The convention runs Thursday, August 13th through Sunday, August 16th.

I really should go to this. It’s only an hour drive.

As usual, I will be there from Friday through Sunday. If you live within a 2 hour drive radius or so of Indianapolis you really should come out for at least Friday or Saturday. Sunday only badges are available and cheap, but only because by Sunday all the meta-events like the Auction, Costume Contest and movies/music are over. The dealer hall is hopping on Sunday though, open 10-4 with lots of last day deals to be had.

I’ve tried to coordinate a QT3 meet-up at the con in the past. It’s difficult to pull off since many of the people here will be busy shilling for companies on the dealer hall floor and others will be writing/blogging for various websites and publications. Also, finding a place to meet on Friday or Saturday is a real pain in the ass. Con favorites like The RAM tend to have an hour wait or worse when you need a table for 5-6 people, and even the not-so-great places like Jillian’s tend to fill up fast once the dealer hall closes. There was some kind of GenCon sponsored bar under Union Station last year that wasn’t too crowded. No real food, but a beer there might be a good meet-up idea.

Anyway, I’ll be there FRI-SUN and am willing to meet other QT3ers if someones putting something together.

I so want to go (Pathfinder RPG launch – I’d love to be there) but it’s such a far drive solo and I just can’t justify a flight right now (plus I bet the hotels are all taken).

I’m flat broke this year having been unemployed for 6 months. I can probably swing gas and parking to come to a dinner or something, but not even sure I can afford the meal. :(

Less than one week away! I’m free Saturday night if anyone else wants to get together.

Also, the GenCon iPhone app is out. It looks like it’ll be extremely useful. Paper guides are for suckers.

I’ll be there all four days… should be fun.

Fly in wed, fly out Mon