General Capcom Games Thread

We have a lot of threads with Capcom in the title, but they’re all for specific games. So here’s one to discuss Capcom games. All of them.

They had a Spotlight thing today.

I’m still watching it, but I thought I’d share.

There’s a countdown to the actual showcase, so you can skip to it.

Here’s a nice summary of the announcements.

beyond some monetary errands, that publisher just has had one of the most consistant outputs for all its life. i’m surprised at the number of good titles they released in the early 2k, where i thought they kept a low profile whike they actually didn’t, the logo was just more discreet.

There must be Megaman fans out there, just not on Qt3 I guess.

Street Fighter 6 looks pretty neat.

Ghost Trick remaster. Seems like a neat game.

Exoprimal looks very much like a game designed by marketing people.

I need to play a Monster Hunter game one of these days, just so I can make more sense out of these trailers.

Resident Evil 4 remake does look pretty great. I guess I should check out this new demo.

I played the demo and unfortunately it didn’t do much for me. I never played the original and I think that era might be lost. Too bad for me!

MegaMan is probably the only Capcom franchise I’m not really in to. Love the rest of their stuff

Didn’t click on that… any Dragon’s Dogma news in there? I’m looking forward to that one.

I really wish Capcom would do a modern Breath i
of Fire game. Or a Viewtiful Joe port port.

Maybe, but I’m not so sure. Once in a while Capcom will unleash some mad genius to make a brilliant game like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Dragon’s Dogma, or Lost Planet 2.

If Exoprimal is their PvPvE take on EDF or revisiting LP2, I’m interested. There’s an open beta coming next week, info and signups here (requires linking a Capcom ID account).

Maximilian liked the closed test.

Man, I’m still not sure how to feel when Lost Planet gets brought up. I never played the sequels, but I do admit I loved playing through the original. And yet, I’ve never played through a game like that before and finished it, and yet had no idea what the story was about. I went on wikipedia once and read the plot summary and was so surprised. Really? All that was going on in the game? How did I miss all that? Why were they so bad at story-telling in that game?

If you’re a subscriber, looks like Exoprimal will be releasing day one on Game Pass. I’ll probably give it a go.