General issue w/Amazon game downloads?

Has anyone else here run into the issue of corrupted files (ones that the installer complains about) with Amazon game downloads?

See this thread for some details:

BTW, another poster on arstechnica forums had my exact same issue with Amazon’s version of “AssBro.”

Well, the one time I tried to use Amazon to buy something they were like “your country sucks, so go fuck yourself” at which point Amazon ceased to exist in my digital-sphere.

My very good friend and totally not at all made up imaginary person Mr Leonard M. Jones who lives in the USA (according to what he told Amazon anyway) likes to gift me things I cant buy here. After I give him a gift card that is.

OK, so I see that no one has run into the corrupted files issue, check.

Good idea.
However, a service that does not appreciate my money doesn’t get me as a customer.
I’m sure we can both live happily without each other.

It’s a matter of principle from my standpoint.

I haven’t but I’ve only used them twice.