Generation Zero: Avalanche Studios, Fighting Robots in 1980s Sweden

Yeah, but can that be any worse than someone’s computer constantly crashing with no solution? And then having to snuff out the answer which may or may not be right because the info is user unfriendly? And then screwing your system up because of that? I can’t see how giving people more info can be worse than the situation now. Given all the forums I’ve gone to trying to research crashes through the years, it’s not all that uncommon. Hard to believe that the info is so hidden and opaque.

Oh, I agree with you. I’m just trying to think like a suit :).

And thats a source of support that is dying out as well. Pretty soon, you won’t even find infos there as everything will have moved to discord or just vanished entirely, so you’re even more screwed. All you’ll find when googling will be some SEO results trying to sell you a new PC!

I hate Discord with a passion. And yes, I’ve seen this too. I really wish companies would not just dump all their eggs in one crappy basket.