Getting data from desktop HD to notebook

My wife’s desktop is dead - it’s not sleeping, it’s dead. Looks like the MB is kaput.

Rather than replace the MB, she’s decided she’d like a notebook. Cool. Still looking for the right one for her rather simple needs, but I have an issue: how do I get the data from her hard drive from her dead computer to her new notebook? I don’t have another desktop in the house at the moment.

So - is there a simple and cheap way to hook her HD from her dead desktop directly to a notebook computer in order to pull her data, Outlook emails and pst etc. off?

You’re probably going to want something like this:

A box to put the drive in that provides power and a way to “convert” from internal IDE to something the laptop has (in this case, USB).

Put the hard drive in another machine and network them, or burn a CD or DVD?

Beautiful, thanks. I even see that the local shops carry these (e.g., Compusa, Circuit City, etc.)