Getting fed up with buggy steam games!

First it was Grand theft auto 4 never starting, and today it’s Far cry 2 giving me bugs in the first five minutes of the game. I realize these games were cheap at last sale (about $8 each), but I don’t think I’ll be buying anything off steam again. I accepted the loss of my money for ‘grand theft auto 4’, but this is two in a row that don’t work.

What is it with Far cry 2? First off, you’re riding in a jeep for what seems like hours, then you pass out and you’re in a cot for a few minutes while a guy stares at you. Nothing happens, no dialogue. Then you finally wake up and find a gun. You pass out again after a couple minutes, and then wake up in a room with a guy standing in a doorway looking at you. This is about the lamest opening I have ever experienced in a game. He never says anything. There is a flashing blue box with a floppy on it, on the shelf. I can’t do anything. I can’t talk to the guy, tried every button. NOW, I read there are many game stopping bugs in the game. And what’s with the graphics? Maybe because I have just been playing the Witcher, but this game is only 2 years old and looks like ass. I had to boost the gamma way up to even see what I was doing. Screw this crap. Deleted.

I finally get around to playing some of the games I bought last Christmas sale and this is what I get?

What’s next on my list that I bought off Steam last year? Crysis. Let’s see if that one actually works.


… what.

I bet those damn foreigners are making the buggy games!

Crysis, third level. You may have fun…

Jeezus, really?

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I find it very odd to blame Steam for the games’ shortcomings. Perhaps you would be better served just giving up on PC gaming all together. I have gotten games off of steam that were buggy, but they were just as buggy with the disc version. I think you are misplacing your blame sir.

Yes! That’s exactly why I bought a new PC a few months ago! To give up on PC gaming! I went by reviews of these games, on Steam. That’s why I bought them. And yeah, if Steam sells them for PC, they should work for PC. I didn’t get them with the clause, “Price reduced because there’s a good chance they won’t work.”

This is a really bad xbox port, and that info was not displayed anywhere on steam when I bought it.

I’ve had to delete 2 games now, and I don’t get the money back from steam. If they were to refund, like Apple does when you’re not happy with an app, then okay, but I don’t think they will.

Seriously, if you are having way more problems than everyone else, it’s probably an issue with your particular PC, new and shiny though it may be.

Sorry, but what the fuck are you on about?
Steam is simply a digital distribution tool, it’s not responsible for the games themselves being buggy etc.

Why are you holding steam to different standards than a physical retailer?

I’m annoyed at Steam because their capricious server connectivity causes games with cloud storage to behave erratically, but that’s a different matter.

Remember the good old days when you could try game demos first, to make sure the games weren’t crap before you bought them? Too bad games on Steam don’t have demos.

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Not having any access to a credit card, I still buy games from brick and mortar stores. And the two shops I have bought boxed games from don’t accept returns on the basis of the game being buggy.

If the box has been opened, and there’s no physical defects/the games are there, I can’t return them for a refund.

So … he posted a few more times and is maintaining his stance.

I honestly can’t tell, very elaborate troll or just total ignorance?

It’s probably the Asians doing this to you, spazi! You should keep posting so we get a firm understanding of how upset you are!

Anchor Games. You buy them once and their offspring become citizens.

I played Far Cry 2 at launch on the PC. Tom even raved about it. Never had any bugs at all. Some people don’t like the game, but bugs were never the primary reason.

Can we stop pulling P&R bullshit into the gaming forum please? Thanks very much.

This thread is… bizarre.

Are you 10?

Yet all the reviews you read didn’t mention something as a bad port? Or did you just look at Metacritic?

And are you referring to GTAIV? Because that wasn’t a bad port at all, it just wasn’t well optimized for the PC until some patching, which is irrelevant considering that you’re making this post now and not two years ago.